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Civil justice

The Heckman Equation
Author: James J. Heckman
Research. Data. Lectures. Advocacy. The resources on The Heckman Equation promote the value of investing in early childhood development. Click here to visit the site. See also: The Heckman…

Analyzing the Influential Early Childhood Policies that are Proven to Promote Human Flourishing

Author: James J. Heckman
A large and growing literature documents the effectiveness of early childhood interventions on a variety of outcomes, including crime, education, teenage pregnancy, earnings, health, and mental…

Law and globalization

World Justice Project

Authors: James J. Heckman, Robert L. Nelson
The World Justice Project (WJP) is a multinational, multidisciplinary initiative to strengthen the rule of law worldwide. It is building a broad and diverse constituency that will advance the rule of…

Lessons for American Law & Public Policy from the Scandinavian Welfare State

Author: James J. Heckman
Poverty, inequality, and social mobility occupy the attention of lawmakers and the public around the world. A variety of legislative and administrative proposals to address these issues are currently…

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