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Presenter in Invited Roundtable on "Law's Place in the Community of Academic Disciplines," Law & Society Association Meetings
Jun 2016
Respondent, Opening Plenary “Technologies of Truth in the Anthropology of Conflict: Sally Merry and Susan Coutin," American Ethnological Society and Association for Political and Legal Anthropology Joint Spring Meeting.
Apr 2013
"Teaching an Interdisciplinary Law Class" (with M. Mansfield). Presentation at the Midwest Family Law Consortium
Apr 2013 Marsha Mansfield
Organizer/Moderator/Presenter, “Law from the Outside In: In Honor of Jane Larson”
Jan 2013
Organizer & Workshop Faculty: The First Empirical Methods Training Workshop at the American Association of Law Schools Annual Meeting
Jan 2013
"Current Research Methods for the Study of Law School Education" Workshop Presentation.
Jun 2012
"'Risk' versus 'Potential': Implicit Bias in the Law School Tenuring Process" Presentation at the First Annual Conference of the ABF Research Group on Legal Diversity
May 2012
"Toward a Post-Imperialist New Legal Realism," Presentation at Conference on New Frontiers of Legal Realism: American, Scandinavian, European, Global?
May 2012 H. Klug
"Learning to 'Think Like a Lawyer': In the U.S. and Beyond. Keynote Presentation at Conference on Legal Education and Socio-Economic Elites XXth-XXIst Century.
May 2012
"Satisfaction After Tenure: Diversity in the Legal Academy," American Bar Foundation Seminar
Apr 2012 with K. Barnes
Invited Presentation on "Legal Education: The Changing Nature of Curriculum and Teaching, American Association of Law Schools Annual Meeting
Jun 2011
"Law School Language and Law School Reform," Temple University Law School Faculty Colloquium
Jan 2011
"Social Science and the First Apprenticeship" -- Presentation at YES WE CArNegie: Change in Legal Education Since the Carnegie Report", John Marshall Law School
Jul 2009
"Translating Social Science in Legal Arenas: The Myth of Transparency" -- New Directions in Law & Society Scholarship: Engaging with Empiricism, Indiana University School of Law
Feb 2009
Translating Anthropology and Law: “Can You Get There From Here?” Frontiers in the Anthropology of Law Colloquium, Yale Law School
Nov 2008
Studying the Traditional Law School Classroom: The ABF and Carnegie Studies
Sep 2007

Civil justice

Organizer/Chair, STUDYING THE TRIAL: Empirical Methods Showcase (Qualitative Methods)
Feb 2008

Legal history

"New Legal Realism: A Map and Some Questions" Keynote Address at 2016 Canadian Graduate Law Student Association Conference.
Feb 2016
"Translating Law for Multiple Audiences." ABF Faculty presentation with Laura Beth Nielsen, ABF Speakers Series
Oct 2015

Legal profession

"Outsiders in the U.S. Legal Professoriate." Paper presented in panel entitled "Who Belongs? Who Doesn't? Legal Education: Plus ca change?" held at Law & Society Association Meetings
Jun 2016
Invited Participant, Roundtable on “Social Science Expertise in Law Schools – What’s the Added Value?” Section on Law and Social Science Panel at the AALS Meetings
Jan 2016
Organizer & Workshop Faculty for the 4th Empirical Methods Training Workshop at the American Association of Law Schools Annual Meeting [Qualitative & Mixed Methods]
Jan 2016
"Studying 'the' U.S. Law Professor’s Classroom Experience." Paper presented in panel entitled “You Teach? What is it You Do? The Familiar/Strange in the Process of Instruction” held at the 2015 American Anthropological Association Meetings.
Nov 2015
Commentator in panel entitled “Interrogating Evidentiary Familiarities” held at the 2015 American Anthropological Association Meetings
Oct 2015
Comment on “Envisioning a New Legal Realism,” Plenary Session, 10th Anniversary New Legal Realism Conference
Aug 2014
"'Professional Vision' and Legal Pedagogy." Invited Presentation in Half-Day Program Panel, "The Many Connections between Well-Being and Professionalism in the Practice of Law: Implications for Teaching." AALS Annual Meeting.
Jun 2014
"A Tangled Web: Overt, Implicit, and Structural Bias in U.S. Law Schools." Third Annual Conference of the ABF Research Group on Legal Diversity.
May 2014 Katherine Barnes
Comment on Legal Anthropology, NATSA Conference on the Taiwanese Legal System
Jan 2014
2nd AALS Empirical Methods Training Workshop (Organizer and Workshop Faculty)
Jan 2014 John Hagan, Lynn Mather & Leslie Lavin
"Contextualizing the Crisis Debates in Legal Education." Presentation in ABF Seminar Series
Dec 2013 Stephen Daniels, Carole Silver
"Hidden Messages in US Legal Education." Presentation to the Board of Directors of the American Bar Foundation.
Oct 2013
"Comment on 'Fortifying Socio-legal Studies' Role in Education: Informing Citizens, Educating Professionals, Training Scholars' by Laura Gomez & Annie Bunting." LSA 50th Anniversary Visioning Project
Oct 2013
"Law Professors in Old and New Terrain," Presentation in panel entitled "Navigating New Terrain in Legal Education," Law & Society Association Meetings
May 2013 Katherine Barnes
Roundtable Presentation on "Translating Society for Law & Policy: Can We Get There from Here?" Law & Society Association Annual Meeting
May 2013
"Futile but Necessary Interdisciplinary Translations: The Case of Legal Language." Presentation to the Translation Studies Workshop, Princeton University
Apr 2013
"Hearing Voices: A Study of U.S. Post-Tenure Law Professors." Program in Law and Public Affairs, Princeton University
Mar 2011
"Integrating Intellectual, Ethical, Practical, and Empirical Training in Legal Education," Rutgers-Camden School of Law Faculty Colloquium
Nov 2010
"Undervaluing Indeterminacy: Legal Translations of Social Science," DePaul University College of Law Clifford Symposium
Apr 2010
"Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Legal Education," American University Washington College of Law Faculty Colloquium
Mar 2010
"The Myth of Transparent Translation: Legal Epistemology and Social Science," Brown University Legal Studies Seminar
Oct 2009
Endnote Address: “An Anthropology of Our Own Conversations: Law and Social Science in the Academy”
Sep 2008
Invited Speaker, “Empirical Research Strategies for Understanding the Legal Profession: Examples from Current Research” -- AALS Committee on Research Featured Panel
Jan 2008

Social justice

Moderator/Commentator, Roundtable on Diversifying the Relationship Between Critical Theory and Social Science Methods: Gender, Sexuality, and Class. Conference on Critical Race Theory and Empirical Methods
Oct 2015
"Where New Legal Realism Meets Gender: New Paradigms," Conference: "Working From the World Up: Equality's Future"
Mar 2008

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