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Civil justice

Public Interest Law Firms
Authors: Laura Beth Nielsen, Catherine R. Albiston
Using a multi-method research design, this project investigates how lawyers in public interest law organizations (PILOs) conceptualize and pursue their goals. At the organizational level of analysis,…

Employment Civil Rights

Authors: Robert L. Nelson, Laura Beth Nielsen, Ronit Dinovitzer
The Employment Civil Rights Project is generating findings on the changing dynamics of employment discrimination litigation, the types of cases that succeed in litigation, and the parties'…

Social justice

Cause Lawyering in Context

Authors: Laura Beth Nielsen, Catherine Albiston
The Constraints and Opportunities of Practicing Public Law in Public Interest Law firms will provide an unprecedented, empirical portrait of a national sample of the public interest bar.
Pursuing Law’s Promise: Researching Access to Justice in 21st Century America
Authors: Robert L. Nelson, Laura Beth Nielsen, Aaron C. Smyth
Through a series of innovative empirical research projects, Pursuing Law’s Promise investigates Americans’ experiences with their civil justice problems and the institutions of remedy…
Contested Constructions of Discrimination
Authors: Laura Beth Nielsen, Jill D. Weinberg , Jeremy Freese
Contested Constructions uses experimental research to investigate how judges and laypeople define employment discrimination and perceptions of the legal system as the appropriate forum to adjudicate…

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