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The Financial Rewards of Elite Status in the Legal Profession
Nov 2013
Follow the Yellow Brick Road: The Pathways from Law into Business (with D. Wilkins)
May 2013
Pursuing Diverse Talent in Legal and Professional Services: Research Within and Across Professions, Organizations, and Societies
May 2013 Robert L. Nelson, David Wilkins
Stratification of the Bar: The Production and Legitimation of Inequality in Lawyers’ Careers. (Fifth Annual Lecture on the Legal Profession)
Mar 2013
Corporate Lawyers and their Clients: Walking the line between law & business
Jul 2012
Lawyers with Foreign Born Parents: Exploring the Effects of Immigrant Status on Earnings among American Lawyers
Jun 2012
Homeland Tourism, Emotion and Identity Labor: An Odyssey of Belonging
Apr 2012
Theme and variation: different approaches to the role of the corporate lawyer
Mar 2012
Settling into the Legal Profession: Elite Advantage, Opportunities for Upward Mobility, and the Paradox of Elites and Large Law Firms
May 2009 Bryant G. Garth
Making Sense of the Elite Law School Advantage: Symbolic Capital and the Structuring of Opportunities, Expectations, Hopes, and Choices
May 2009 Bryant G. Garth
The First Seven Years of a Lawyer’s Career
Feb 2009 Bryant G. Garth, Robert L. Nelson, J. Sterling and D. Wilkins
Women in the Legal Profession
Jan 2009
Urban Law School Graduates at Large Law Firms (with D. Wilkins and R. Batra)
Oct 2007
The Changing Social Role of Urban Law Schools (with J. Sterling and B. Garth)
Aug 2007
The Trajectories of Urban Legal Careers
Apr 2007
The Reproduction of Inequality in the Legal Profession
Feb 2007

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