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“The Civilizing Hand of Law”: Defending the Legal Process in the Civil Rights Era
2016, Christopher Schmidt, In Austin Sarat, ed., Rhetorical Process and Legal Judgments, Cambridge University Press
Legal History and the Problem of the Long Civil Rights Movement
2016, Christopher Schmidt, 41 Law & Social Inquiry 1081 (Review essay)
On Doctrinal Confusion: The Case of the State Action Doctrine
2016, Christopher Schmidt, 2016 BYU Law Review 575
Beyond Backlash: Conservatism and the Civil Rights Movement
2016, Christopher Schmidt, 56 American Journal of Legal History 179
Litigating Against the Civil Rights Movement
2015, Christopher Schmidt, 86 University of Colorado Law Review 1173
The Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Divide
2015, Christopher Schmidt, 12 University of Colorado Law Review 1
Divided by Law: The Sit-Ins and the Role of the Courts in the Civil Rights Movement
2015, Christopher Schmidt, 33 Law & History Review 93
The Challenge of Supreme Court Biography: The Case of Chief Justice Rehnquist
2014, Christopher Schmidt, 29 Constitutional Commentary 271
The Resilience of Federalism
2014, Christopher Schmidt, 91 Denver University Law Review 191
New York Times v. Sullivan and the Legal Attack on the Civil Rights Movement
2014, Christopher Schmidt, 66 Alabama Law Review 293
“Why Broccoli? Limiting Principles and Popular Constitutionalism in the Health Care Decision” (with M. Rosen)
2013, Christopher Schmidt, 61 UCLA Law Review
“Explaining the Baseball Revolution”
2013, Christopher Schmidt, 45 Arizona State Law Journal
“Beyond the Opinion: Supreme Court Justices and Extrajudicial Speech”
2013, Christopher Schmidt, 88 Chicago-Kent Law Review 487
“Introduction: The Supreme Court and the American Public” (with C. Shapiro)
2013, Christopher Schmidt, 88 Chicago-Kent Law Review 287
“American Legal History, 1920-1970,” in A. Brophy & S. Hadden, eds.
2013, Christopher Schmidt, Blackwell Companion to American Legal History
"Defending the Right to Discriminate: The Libertarian Challenge to the Civil Rights Movement," in S. Hadden & . Minter eds.
2013, Christopher Schmidt, Signposts: New Directions in Southern Legal History
"Social Movements, Legal Change, and the Challenges of Writing Legal History"
2012, Christopher Schmidt, Vanderbilt Law Review En Banc
"Law and Society"
2012, Christopher Schmidt, Oxford Encyclopedia of American Social History
Review of Kenneth W. Mack, "Representing the Race: The Creation of the Civil Rights Lawyer"
2012, Christopher Schmidt, 30 Law and History Review 927
"Conceptions of Law in the Civil Rights Movement"
2011, Christopher Schmidt, UC-Irvine Law Review
"Popular Constitutionalism on the Right: Lessons from the Tea Party"
2011, Christopher Schmidt, Denver University Law Review
"The Tea Party and the Constitution"
2011, Christopher Schmidt, Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly
Review of Christopher Bonastia, "Southern Stalemate: Five Years without Public Education in Prince Edward County, Virginia"
Forthcoming, Christopher Schmidt, Journal of American Studies
“The Challenge of Supreme Court Biography: The Case of Chief Justice Rehnquist” (review essay)
Forthcoming, Christopher Schmidt, Constitutional Commentary

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