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New Legal Realism at Ten Years and More
2018, Bryant G. Garth, Elizabeth Mertz, UC Irvine Law Review
Progressive Law vs. the Critique of Law and Development: Strategies of Double Agency Revisited
2014, Bryant G. Garth, Routledge
After the JD III: Third Results from a National Study of Legal Careers (with R. Dinovitzer, B. Garth, G. Plickert, R. Sandefur, J. Sterling & D. Wilkins (American Bar Foundation and NALP Foundation for Law Career Research and Education, 2014)
2014, Bryant G. Garth, Robert L. Nelson, Ronit Dinovitzer, Rebecca Sandefur, American Bar Foundation and NALP Foundation for Law Career Research and Education
“Optimism Bias and Buyers’ Remorse? Law School Hierarchy, Access to the Rewards of Corporate Practice, and the Desirability of a Lawyer Career” (with B. Garth & J. Sterling)
2013, Bryant G. Garth, Ronit Dinovitzer, Journal of Legal Education
“Elite European lawyers? The Common Market as new Golden Age or Missed Opportunity” (with Y. Dezalay), in N. Kauppi & M. Madsen, eds., Transnational Power Elites: The European Complex in the Global Field of Power
2013, Bryant G. Garth, Routledge
“Corporate Law Firms, NGOs, and Issues of Legitimacy for a Global Legal Order”
2012, Bryant G. Garth, Fordham Law Review
“Introduction: Symposium on Exploring Power, Agency & Action in a World of Moving Frontiers”
2012, Bryant G. Garth, Southwestern Law Review
“Not that into You”
9/1/2009, Bryant G. Garth, Ronit Dinovitzer, American Lawyer
“Comment: A Revival of Access-to-Justice Research” in Symposium on “Access to Justice,”
2009, Bryant G. Garth, Sociology of Crime, Law and Deviance
"Derechos Humanos y Filanthropia Hegemonica"
2009, Bryant G. Garth, Etnografias Contemporaneas
“From the Foreign Policy Establishment to the Legalization of Foreign Policy”
2008, Bryant G. Garth, Cambridge University Press
“The Globalization of Law”
2008, Bryant G. Garth, Oxford University Press
“L’imperialism moral: Les jurists et imperialisme americain; (Philippines, Indonesia)”
2008, Bryant G. Garth
“Exporting and Importing Democracy and the Rule of Law: Understanding Colonial Processes and their Impacts”
2/2007, Bryant G. Garth, NACLA
A International Strategies and Local Transformations: Preliminary Observations of the Position of Law in the Field of State Power in Asia
2007, Bryant G. Garth, Harvard University Press
“The Changing Social Role of Urban Law Schools”
2007, Bryant G. Garth, Ronit Dinovitzer, Southwestern University Law Review
“Introduction: Taking New Legal Realism to Transnational Issues and Institutions”
2007, Bryant G. Garth, Law and Social Inquiry
“Lawyer Satisfaction in the Process of Structuring Legal Careers”
2007, Bryant G. Garth, Law and Society Review
“Rebuilding International Law after the September 11 Attack: Contrasting Agendas of High Priests and Legal Realists”
2007, Bryant G. Garth, Loyola International Law Review
“American Bar Foundation,” “Willard Hurst,” and “Law and Power,”
2007, Bryant G. Garth, Encyclopedia of Law and Society
“From the Cold War to Kosovo: The Rise and Renewal of International Human Rights Law as a Socio-Legal Field”
2006, Bryant G. Garth, Annual Review of Law and Social Science
“The Legal Construction of A Politics Of Notables: The Double Game of the Patricians of The Indian Bar In The Market Of Civic Virtue”
2006, Bryant G. Garth, Retfærd Nordic Legal Journal
“Crises, Crisis Rhetoric, and Competition in Legal Education: A Sociological Perspective on the (Latest) Crisis of the Legal Profession and Legal Education”
Forthcoming, Bryant G. Garth, Stanford Law and Policy Review
“Lost in Translation: On the Failed Encounter Between Bourdieu and Law and Society Scholarship and Their Respective Blindnesses”
Forthcoming, Bryant G. Garth, Critical Perspectives on Global Governance: A Festshrift for Dave Trubek, Hart
“The Economy of Legal Practice as a Symbolic Market: Legal Value as the Product of Social Capital, Universal Knowledge, and State Authority"
Forthcoming, Bryant G. Garth, European Socio Economic Newsletter
“Marketing and Selling Transnational ‘Judges’ and Global ‘Experts’: Building the Credibility of (Quasi) Judicial Regulation”
Forthcoming, Bryant G. Garth, Socio-Economic Review
“Exploring Inequality in the Corporate Law Firm Apprenticeship: Doing the Time, Finding the Love”
Forthcoming, Bryant G. Garth, Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics
“Pro Bono as an Elite Strategy in Early Legal Careers”
Forthcoming, Bryant G. Garth, Ronit Dinovitzer, Oxford University Press
Notes toward an Understanding of the U.S. Market in Foreign LLM Programs: From the British Empire and the Inns of Court to U.S. LLM Programs
Forthcoming, Bryant G. Garth, Indiana Journal of Law and Globalization
Legal Education Reform: New Regulations, Markets, and Competing Models of Supposed Deregulation
Forthcoming, Bryant G. Garth, Bar Examinar
“Progressive Law vs. the Critique of Law and Development: Strategies of Double Agency Revisited,” in R. Buchanan and P. Zumbansen, eds.
Forthcoming, Bryant G. Garth, Law in Transition: Human Rights, Development, and Transitional Justice
“Lawyers and Transformations of the Fields of State Power: Osmosis, Hysteresis, and Aggiornamento” (with Y. Dezalay), in M. Madsen, ed.
Forthcoming, Bryant G. Garth, Law in the Formation of Modern Europe
“Buyers’ Remorse? An Empirical Assessment of the Desirability of a Lawyer Career” (with R. Dinovitzer & J. Sterling)
Forthcoming, Bryant G. Garth, Ronit Dinovitzer, 63 Journal of Legal Education

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