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What the Study of Legal Cynicism and Crime Can Tell Us about Reliability, Validity, and Versatility in Law and Social Science Research
4/22/2020, John Hagan, Annual Review of Law and Social Science
"Crimes of Terror, Counterterrorism, and the Unanticipated Consequences of a Militarized Incapacitation Strategy in Iraq"
9/2018, John Hagan, Social Forces
"A Dual-Process Theory of Racial Isolation, Legal Cynicism and Reported Crime"
6/2018, John Hagan, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Cover of Iraq and the Crimes of Aggressive War: The Legal Cynicism of Criminal Militarism Iraq and the Crimes of Aggressive War: The Legal Cynicism of Criminal Militarism
6/30/2015, John Hagan, Cambridge University Press Studies in Law and Society
"Gendered Genocide: The Socially Destructive Process of Genocidal Rape, Killing, and Displacement in Darfur"
2014, John Hagan, Law & Society Review
"Punishment and Support Regimes and the Multi-Level Effects of Parental Imprisonment: Inter-institutional, Inter-generational and Inter-sectional Models of Inequality and Exclusion"
2014, John Hagan, Annual Review of Sociology
"Making Punishment Pay: The Political Economy of Revenue, Race and Regime in the California Prison Boom"
2014, John Hagan, DuBois Review
"Maternal and Paternal Imprisonment and Children’s Social Exclusion in Adulthood"
2014, John Hagan, Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology
"Supportive Ties in the Lives of Incarcerated Women: Gender, Race/Ethnicity, and Children’s Human Rights"
2014, John Hagan, Iowa Journal of Gender, Race, and Justice
“The Color of Glass: The Career Progress of Men and Women of Color in Private Law Firms” (with M. Payne-Pikus & J. Hagan)
3/14/2013, John Hagan, Robert L. Nelson, Research Brief prepared for Diversity and Flexibility Alliance Conference
“Perceived Danger and Offending: Exploring the Links between Violent Victimization and Street Crime” (with F. Tyler & B. McCarthy
2013, John Hagan, 28 Violence and Victims 16
“It’s Political: Reframing Sociological Criminology”
2013, John Hagan, 42 Contemporary Sociology 687
“Atrocity Crimes and the Costs of Economic Conflict Crimes in the Battle for Baghdad and Iraq”
2012, John Hagan, European Journal of Criminology
“Children of the American Prison Generation: Student and School Spillover Effect of Incarcerating Mothers”
2012, John Hagan, Law & Society Review
“Intergenerational Educational Effects of Mass Imprisonment in America”
2012, John Hagan, Sociology of Education
“Race, Land, and Forced Migration in Darfur”
2012, John Hagan, New York University Press
“Fighting Human Trafficking or Instituting Totalitarian Control? The Political Co-optation of Human Rights Protection in Belarus”
2012, John Hagan, Governance by Indicators: Global Power through Quantification and Rankings, Oxford University Press
“Professional Work and the Timing of Family Formation among Young Lawyers in U.S. and German Cities.”
2011, John Hagan, Gabriele Plickert, International Journal of the Legal Profession
"Who Are The Criminals? The Politics of Crime Policy from the Age of Roosevelt to the Age of Reagan"
2010, John Hagan, Princeton University Press
“The Symbolic Violence of the Crime-Immigration Nexus: Mobility Mythologies in the Americas”
2009, John Hagan, Ronit Dinovitzer, Crime Prevention and Policy
Cover of Darfur and the Crime of Genocide Darfur and the Crime of Genocide
2009, John Hagan, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Studies in Law and Society
“The Mass Incarceration of American Parents: Issues of Race/Ethnicity, Collateral Consequences, and Prisoner Re-entry”
2009, John Hagan, Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
“The Collective Dynamics of Racial Dehumanization and Genocidal Victimization in Darfur”
2008, John Hagan, American Sociological Review
“Growing Up Fast: Stress Exposure and Subjective Weathering in Emerging Adulthood”
2008, John Hagan, Journal of Health and Social Behavior
“How Law Rules: Torture, Terror, and the Normative Judgments of Iraqi Judges”
2008, John Hagan, Law and Society Review
“The Unaccountable Genocide: A Case Study of the Roles of the U.S. State Department and U.S. Government Accountability Office in Calculating the Darfur Death Toll”
2008, John Hagan, Intersentia
“The Disturbing Case of the British Standards Advertising Association, the New York Times, and the State Department’s Low Estimate of the Death Toll in Darfur”
2008, John Hagan, Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law
“The Criminology of Genocide: The Death and Rape of Darfur”
2008, John Hagan, Ashgate
“Death and Displacement in West Darfur: Does Demography Contribute to our Knowledge of the Crisis?”
2007, John Hagan, INED
“Social Mobility and Hierarchical Structure in Canadian Law Practice”
2007, John Hagan, Hart Publishing
“Even Lawyers Get the Blues: Gender, Depression, and Job Satisfaction in Legal Practice”
2007, John Hagan, Law & Society Review
“Justiciability as Field Effect: When Sociology Meets Human Rights”
2007, John Hagan, Sociological Forum
“Incarceration and Intergenerational Social Exclusion”
2007, John Hagan, Social Problems
"Death in Darfur"
9/15/2006, John Hagan, Science
"Economic Insecurity and Gun Violence in Schools"
Forthcoming, John Hagan, Human Behaviour
“Race, Legal Cynicism, and the Machine Politics of Drug Law Enforcement in Chicago”
Forthcoming, John Hagan, DuBois Review Spring
“State Rape and the Crime of Genocide”
Forthcoming, John Hagan, Oxford University Press
“Using International Networks to Frame Social Science Evidence” (with J. Rowan)
Forthcoming, John Hagan, Journal of International Law and International Relations
“Supportive Ties in the Lives of Incarcerated Women: Gender, Race/Ethnicity, and Children’s Human Rights”
Forthcoming, John Hagan, Iowa Journal of Gender, Race, and Justice
“Immigration and Youthful Illegalities in a Global Edge City”
Forthcoming, John Hagan, Ronit Dinovitzer, Social Forces
“Hierarchical Structure and Gender Dissimilarity in American Legal Labor Markets” (with John Hagan)
Forthcoming, John Hagan, Ronit Dinovitzer, Social Forces
“How Robert Sampson’s Great American City Challenges Age of Reagan Criminology and Where a Critical Urban Sociology of Crime Might Lead” (with W. Rymond-Richmond)
Forthcoming, John Hagan, City and Community
“It’s Political: Reframing Sociological Criminology”
Forthcoming, John Hagan, Contemporary Sociology
“Maternal and Paternal Imprisonment in the Stress Process” (with H. Foster)
Forthcoming, John Hagan, Social Science Research
Neighborhood Climates of Legal Cynicism and Complaints about Abuse of Police Power
Forthcoming, John Hagan, Criminology

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