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Life Fellow Contributions

2017 Life Fellow Contributions for the Fellows of the American Bar Foundation

A Fellow becomes a Life Fellow after completing his/her initial pledge. After achieving Life Fellow status, continued support is optional; however the American Bar Foundation depends upon charitable giving in order to continue and expand its important work.

To make a Life Fellows contribution visit our Life Fellows online giving site or call the Fellows Office at (800) 292-5065. If you have questions regarding your giving history please call the Fellows Office or send us an email.

For more than sxity years, the Foundation has been doing research that has changed how the legal profession understands itself, understands the law, and understands how the law can shape the society in which we live. Current projects continue that legacy through unprecedented studies, including: the changing careers of lawyers; how juries actually work and what jury reforms can have a meaningful impact; how law school changes the way law students think about justice; how families make life or death decisions concerning loved ones who can no longer make decisions for themselves; and much more. 

Life Fellow Giving Societies

Giving Societies are opportunities for Life Fellows to continue contributing to the Foundation once they have completed their initial Fellows pledge. Giving societies are as follows:

  • A Life Fellow who contributes a minimum of $250 annually will be named a Sustaining Life Fellow
  • A Life Fellow who contributes an aggregate of $5,000 will be named a Life Patron Fellow
  • A Life Fellow who contributes an aggregate of $10,000 will be named a Life Benefactor Fellow
  • A Life Fellow who contributes an aggregate of $25,000 will be named a Life Leadership Fellow

Contributions can be pledged over a period of years. Life Fellows who give at the Sustaining level and higher will be recognized in the ABF Annual Report and on the Fellows website. All Life Fellows are acknowledged in the Fellows Roster.

The American Bar Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Contributions to The Fellows of the American Bar Foundation are fully tax deductible and are not refundable. No goods or services are promised or provided in exchange for a contribution. If an error is made in the amount contributed, please notify the American Bar Foundation within 21 days. A new receipt will be issued if an adjustment is required.

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