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In Memoriam

We honor and remember the following Fellows who have passed away*:

Herbert H. Anderson, OR

R. Franklin Balotti, DE

Frank E. Bazler, OH

George Beall, MD

Leonard H. Becker, DC

W.H. Beckham, Jr., FL

Frederick A. Beckman, IN

Edward W. Beglin, Jr., NJ

Dennis I. Belcher, VA

Joseph A. Bergadano, WA

James W. Brehl, MN

David R. Brink, Minneapolis, MN

Alfred P. Carlton, Jr., NC

Earl H. Carroll, AZ

Carlos Cebollero, PR

Guy A. Cellucci, PA

Daryl E. Clark, BC

Robert C. Cone, NC

Charles R. Cummings, VT

Charles W. Deaner, NV

P. Pierre Dominique, MO

Mary Doyle, FL

Raymond H. Dresser, Jr., MI

William B. Dulany, MD

William I. Edlund, CA

Michael David Freeman, AL

Elizabeth Garrett, NY

Stephen F. Gates, TX

Paule Gauthier, QC

Paul E. B. Glad, CA

George G. Grattan IV, VA

Arthur M. Greenbaum, NJ

Fred W. Hall, Jr., NH

Milton Eugene Harper, MO

Grover Hartt III, TX

Ray V. Hartwell, DC

George Cassidy Hastings, CT

Bernard G. Helldorfer, NY

Thomas W. Henderson, PA

James C. Hill, FL

Peter J. Hughes, CA

Vester T. Hughes, Jr., TX

Thomas S. Johnson, IL

Charles W. Joiner, FL

Penny Nathan Kahan, IL

Herma Hill Kay, CA

Marvin Krasny, PA

Henry T. Lowe, MO

James Paul Lower, CA

Edmund V. Ludwig, PA

Vincent L. McKusick, ME

Bruce R. Meckler, IL

Mitchell Miller, PA

Robert A. Millman, CO

Richard Ferrell Ogle, AL

E. Lawrence Oldfield, IL

Mark Olson, CA

Henry Gary Pannell, GA

William T. Quillen, IL

Donald J. Robinson, VT

Wm. T. Robinson III, KY

Richard D. Rogers, KS

J. Thomas Rosch, CA

William B. Rozell, AK

Pat H. Scanlon, MS

R.K.P. Shankardass, India

James M. Sibley, GA

Robert Charles Smith, MO

David Solomon, AR

Cheryl Stacey, ON

Mark G. Stingley, MO

James A. Strazzella, PA

Warren K. Urbom, NE

John Bronson Walsh, NY

Henry M. Whitesides, NC

*Notices of passing received in 2017. Updated 9/12/2017

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