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America First populism, social volatility, and self-reported arrests
10/8/2020, John Hagan, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
“Tempering Unbridled Power: Global Scripts and International Organizations in Struggles for Basic Legal Freedoms”
8/9/2020, Terence Halliday
"Sociology of Law: Speaking for the Dying"
6/1/2020, Susan P. Shapiro, ASA Footnotes
"Balancing Past vs Future Values in Decision-making"
5/19/2020, Susan P. Shapiro, JAMA
What the Study of Legal Cynicism and Crime Can Tell Us about Reliability, Validity, and Versatility in Law and Social Science Research
4/22/2020, John Hagan, Annual Review of Law and Social Science
“COVID-19 Deaths Highlight Need for People to Make End-of-Life Wishes Known”
4/15/2020, Susan P. Shapiro, Miami Herald
"Lessons about Law at Life’s End: Rethinking Advance Directives in the Shadow of a Pandemic"
4/2020, Susan P. Shapiro, Juriste International
Authoritarian International Law?
4/1/2020, Tom Ginsburg, American Journal of International Law
Cover of From Parchment to Practice: Implementing New Constitutions From Parchment to Practice: Implementing New Constitutions
4/1/2020, Tom Ginsburg, Cambridge University Press
Inside the ‘Red Circle’: the production of China’s corporate legal elite
3/19/2020, Sida Liu, Journal of Professions and Organization
The Fourteenth Amendment and the Transformation of Civil Rights
3/2/2020, Christopher Schmidt, The Journal of the Civil War Era
The Politics of Lawyers and the Rule of Law
3/2/2020, Terence Halliday, Hague Journal on the Rule of Law
“We Go Totally Subjective”: Discretion, Discrimination, and Tenant Screening in a Landlord’s Market
2/28/2020, Anna Reosti, Law and Social Inquiry
Performing Artivism: Feminists, Lawyers, and Online Legal Mobilization in China
2/28/2020, Sida Liu, Law & Social Inquiry
The New Place of Corporate Law Firms in the Structuring of Elite Legal Careers
1/8/2020, Bryant G. Garth, Ronit Dinovitzer, Law & Social Inquiry
“Materialism and Legal Historiography, from Bachelard to Benjamin,”
2020, Christopher L. Tomlins, The Oxford Handbook of Law and the Humanities
Cover of In the Matter of Nat Turner: A Speculative History In the Matter of Nat Turner: A Speculative History
2020, Christopher L. Tomlins
“A Poetics for Spatial Justice: Gaston Bachelard, Walter Benjamin, and the Return to Historical Materialism,”
2020, Christopher L. Tomlins, Law & Literature
"Why Advance Directives Do Not Direct: A Researcher’s Perspective," in "Putting the Pieces Together: Advance Directives in the Rehabilitation Setting."
1/1/2020, Susan P. Shapiro, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Journal

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