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Mueller, They Wrote
7/25/2019, Bonnie Honig, Politics/Letters Live
12 Angry Men: Care for the Agon and the Varieties of Masculine Experience
7/1/2019, Bonnie Honig, Theory & Event
Cover of Constitution-Making and Transnational Legal Order Constitution-Making and Transnational Legal Order
6/30/2019, Terence Halliday, Tom Ginsburg, Cambridge University Press
Stategraft: Property Tax Injustice in Detroit Brings to Light a Pernicious Form of Corruption in America and Abroad (forthcoming 2019)
2019, Bernadette Atuahene
"Taxed Out: Illegal Property Tax Assessments and the Epidemic of Tax Foreclosures in Detroit" (forthcoming 2019)
2019, Bernadette Atuahene, UC Irvine Law Review
"The Perennial (and Stubborn) Challenge of Cost, Affordability, and Access in Legal Education: We Will Continue to Muddle Through"
2019, Stephen Daniels, Ashgate Publishing
If You Build It, They Will Come: What Law Students Say About Experiential Learning"
2019, Stephen Daniels, Florida A&M Law Review
"From Catalonia to California: Secession in Constitutional Law" (forthcoming 2019)
2019, Tom Ginsburg, Alabama Law Review
"Introduction: Constitution-Making as Transnational Legal Ordering?"
2019, Terence Halliday, Tom Ginsburg, Cambridge University Press
"Law as a Sword, Law as a Shield: politically Liberal Lawyers and the Rule of Law in China"
2019, Terence Halliday, Sida Liu, China Perspectives
Early Childhood Education and Life-cycle Health" (forthcoming 2019)
2019, James J. Heckman, Health Economics
"A Dynamic Model of Health, Addiction, Education, and Wealth"
2019, James J. Heckman, Review of Economic Studies
"Intergenerational and Intragenerational Externalities of the Perry Preschool Project"
2019, James J. Heckman, (unpublished manuscript)
The Perry Preschoolers at Late Midlife: A Study in Design-Specific Inference"
2019, James J. Heckman, (unpublished manuscript)
"DRC's Contested Election: Constitutional Coup or Baby Step to Democracy?"
2019, Carol A. Heimer, TRT World
"Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Teaching Law: James Boyd White and Legal Integrity"
2019, Elizabeth Mertz, Law and Humanities
Power, Legal Education, and Law School Cultures
2019, Elizabeth Mertz, Ashgate Publishing
"The U.S. Legal Academy as a Miner's Canary" (forthcoming 2019)
2019, Elizabeth Mertz, Power, Legal Education and Law School Cultures (Ashgate Publishing)
"Early Childhood Education and Lifecycle Health" (forthcoming 2019)
2019, James J. Heckman, Health Economics
"Early Childhood Education and Crime"
2019, James J. Heckman, Infant Mental Health Journal
Regulations, Public Attitudes, and Private Governance
2019, Janice Nadler, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies
"Perceiving Discrimination: Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation in the Legal Profession"
2019, Robert L. Nelson, Law and Social Inquiry
"Re-Making the Global: Law, Politics, and Populism in the USA Patriot Act"
2019, Jothie Rajah, Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies
"Governing Authoritarian Law: Law as Security"
2019, Jothie Rajah, Palgrave McMillan
"Transnational Law as Drama" (forthcoming Fall 2019)
2019, Jothie Rajah, Cambridge University Press
"What Do We Want!"?
2019, Rebecca Sandefur, Fordham Law Review
"Stripping the False Premises from Civil Justice Problems"
2019, Rebecca Sandefur, Law 360
Stategraft: A Pernicious Form of Corruption Unveiled (forthcoming 2019)
2019, Bernadette Atuahene
Cover of Speaking for the Dying: Life-and-Death Decisions in Intensive Care Speaking for the Dying: Life-and-Death Decisions in Intensive Care
2019, Susan P. Shapiro, University of Chicago Press

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