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“The Jane Fonda Effect”
9/16/2007, Steven D. Levitt, New York Times
“Payback Time”
6/10/2007, Steven D. Levitt, New York Times
“Laid-Back Labor”
5/6/2007, Steven D. Levitt, New York Times
“Identity Crisis”
3/11/2007, Steven D. Levitt, New York Times
“Exporting and Importing Democracy and the Rule of Law: Understanding Colonial Processes and their Impacts”
2/2007, Bryant G. Garth, NACLA
“The Gift-Card Economy”
1/7/2007, Steven D. Levitt, New York Times
“American Bar Foundation,” “Willard Hurst,” and “Law and Power,”
2007, Bryant G. Garth, Encyclopedia of Law and Society
“Death and Displacement in West Darfur: Does Demography Contribute to our Knowledge of the Crisis?”
2007, John Hagan, INED
“Social Mobility and Hierarchical Structure in Canadian Law Practice”
2007, John Hagan, Hart Publishing
“Even Lawyers Get the Blues: Gender, Depression, and Job Satisfaction in Legal Practice”
2007, John Hagan, Law & Society Review
“Justiciability as Field Effect: When Sociology Meets Human Rights”
2007, John Hagan, Sociological Forum
“Incarceration and Intergenerational Social Exclusion”
2007, John Hagan, Social Problems
“Policy Brief: The Making of China’s Corporate Bankruptcy Law”
2007, Terence Halliday, Oxford Series in Law, Justice and Society
“Struggles for Political Liberalism: Reaching for a Theory of the Legal Complex and Political Mobilisation”
2007, Terence Halliday, Hart Publishing
“Birth of a Liberal Moment? Looking through a One-Way Mirror at Lawyers’ Defense of Criminal Defendants in China”
2007, Terence Halliday, Hart Publishing
“Foiling the Hegemons: Limits to the Globalization of Corporate Insolvency Regimes in Indonesia, Korea and China”
2007, Terence Halliday, Hart Publishing
“Law, Economy and Globalization: How Modern International Financial Institutions Embraced Adam Smith and Accidently Discovered Max Weber”
2007, Terence Halliday, Stanford University Press
“Incrementalisms in Global Lawmaking”
2007, Terence Halliday, Texas Journal of International Law
“Institutionalizing Creative Destruction: Predictable and Transparent Bankruptcy Law in the Wake of the East Asian Financial Crisis”
2007, Terence Halliday, Cornell University Press
“Policy Brief: The Making of China’s Corporate Bankruptcy Law”
2007, Terence Halliday, Oxford Series in Law, Justice and Society
“The Recursivity of Law: Global Norm-Making and National Law-making in the Globalization of Corporate Insolvency Regimes”
2007, Terence Halliday, American Journal of Sociology
“Old Inequalities, New Disease: HIV/AIDS in Sub- Saharan Africa”
2007, Carol A. Heimer, Annual Review of Sociology
“Regulating Creativity: Research and Survival in the IRB Iron Cage”
2007, Carol A. Heimer, Northwestern University Law Review
Pro Bono: More Than a Professional Responsibility (with Joanne Martin)
2007, Stephen Daniels, Joanne Martin, L. Fox, ed., Raise the Bar: Real World Solutions for a Troubled Profession
The Language of Law School: Learning to “Think” Like a Lawyer
2007, Elizabeth Mertz, Oxford University Press
Law in Action:A Socio-Legal Reader
2007, Elizabeth Mertz, Thomson-West
“Inside the Law School Classroom: Toward a New Legal Realist Pedagogy”
2007, Elizabeth Mertz, Vanderbilt Law Review
“Translating Science into Family Law”
2007, Elizabeth Mertz, DePaul Law Review
“Semiotic Anthropology”
2007, Elizabeth Mertz, Annual Review of Anthropology
Plaintiffs’ Practice in the Age of Tort Reform: Survival of the Fittest—It’s Even More True Now (with Joanne Martin)
2007, Stephen Daniels, Joanne Martin, New York Law School Law Review
Constructing Focal Points Through Legal Expression: An Experimental Test
2007, Janice Nadler, Rowman & Littlefield
Build Rapport and a Better Deal
2007, Janice Nadler, Negotiation
“Rights of Inclusion: Integrating Identity at the Bottom of the Dispute Pyramid”
2007, Laura Beth Nielsen, Law & Social Inquiry
“The Procedural Attack on Civil Rights: The Empirical Reality of Buckhannon for the Private Attorney General”
2007, Laura Beth Nielsen, UCLA Law Review
“The Claims of Slaves and Ex-Slaves to Family and Property: A Transatlantic Comparison”
2007, Dylan C. Penningroth, American Historical Review
“When Life Imitates Art: Surrogate Decision Making at the End of Life”
2007, Susan P. Shapiro, Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation
“How Autonomous is Law?”
2007, Christopher L. Tomlins, Annual Reviews Press
“The Threepenny Constitution (and the Question of Justice)”
2007, Christopher L. Tomlins, Alabama Law Review
“From Reparation to Restoration: Moving Beyond Restoring Property Rights to Restoring Political and Economic Visibility”
2007, Bernadette Atuahene, Southern Methodist University Law Review
Family-Based Justice in the Sentencing of Domestic Violence
2007, Ronit Dinovitzer, British Journal of Criminology
Lawyer Satisfaction in the Process of Structuring Legal Careers
2007, Ronit Dinovitzer, Law & Society Review
“Contingent Public Policies and the Stability of Racial Hierarchy: Lessons from Immigration and Census Policy”
2007, Traci Burch, New York University Press
Alive and Well (Maybe) in Texas: Plaintiffs’ Practice in the Age of Tort Reform (with Joanne Martin)
2007, Stephen Daniels, Joanne Martin, New York Law School Law Review
“The Changing Social Role of Urban Law Schools”
2007, Bryant G. Garth, Ronit Dinovitzer, Southwestern University Law Review
“Introduction: Taking New Legal Realism to Transnational Issues and Institutions”
2007, Bryant G. Garth, Law and Social Inquiry
“Lawyer Satisfaction in the Process of Structuring Legal Careers”
2007, Bryant G. Garth, Law and Society Review
“Technical Addendum of the After the JD First Results Report, a National Study of Legal Careers”
2007, Ronit Dinovitzer, Gabriele Plickert, American Bar Foundation
A International Strategies and Local Transformations: Preliminary Observations of the Position of Law in the Field of State Power in Asia
2007, Bryant G. Garth, Harvard University Press
"Ghosts and Guesthouses: Law and Identity in Mandate Palestine"
2007, Christopher L. Tomlins, Israel Studies Forum
Picturing a Colonial Past: The African Photographs of Isaac Schapera
2007, John Comaroff, University of Chicago Press
La Violència y La Llei A La Postcolònia/Violence and the Law in the Postcolony: A Reflection on North-South Complicities
2007, John Comaroff, Barcelona: Centre of Contemporary Culture
“Experiments in Enforcement: Popular Justice in the New South Africa”
2007, John Comaroff, Russell Sage Foundation
“Dispensing with Deception, Curing With Care: A Response to Judge Dann on Nullification”
2007, Shari Seidman Diamond, Judicature
“Evaluating Videotaped Confessions: Expertise Provides No Defense Against the Camera Perspective Effect”
2007, Shari Seidman Diamond, Psychological Science
“Psychological Contributions to Evaluating Witness Testimony”
2007, Shari Seidman Diamond, Blackwell
“Rebuilding International Law after the September 11 Attack: Contrasting Agendas of High Priests and Legal Realists”
2007, Bryant G. Garth, Loyola International Law Review

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