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"The Grammar of Trust"
12/1/2012, Susan P. Shapiro, In New Perspectives on Emotions in Finance: The Sociology of Confidence, Fear and Betayal
“Conflict of Interest at the Bedside: Surrogate Decision Making at the End of Life”
12/1/2012, Susan P. Shapiro, Conflict of Interest in Global, Public and Corporate Governance
"Race and Representation: Racial Disparities in Legal Representation for Employment Civil Rights Plaintiffs"
12/1/2012, Robert L. Nelson, Laura Beth Nielsen, New York University Journal of Legislation and Public Policy
"Advance Directives: The Elusive Goal of Having the Last Word"
10/17/2012, Susan P. Shapiro, Journal of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
Great American City: Chicago and the Enduring Neighborhood Effect
6/2012, Robert J. Sampson, University of Chicago Press
Don't Shut the Golden Door: The Beneficial Impact of Immigration
6/2012, Robert J. Sampson, New York Times
Immigration and the Changing Social Fabric of American Cities
5/2012, Robert J. Sampson, 641 ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science - Sage Publications
Cover of Fates of Political Liberalism in the British Post-Colony Fates of Political Liberalism in the British Post-Colony
4/2012, Terence Halliday, Cambridge University Press
"Situated Justice: A Contextual Analysis of Fairness and Inequality in Employment Discrimination Litigation"
3/2012, Laura Beth Nielsen, Law & Society Review
"Examining Empathy: Discrimination, Experience, and Judicial Decisionmaking"
1/28/2012, Laura Beth Nielsen, University of Southern California Law Review
Cover of Authoritarian Rule of Law: Legislation, Discourse and Legitimacy in Singapore Authoritarian Rule of Law: Legislation, Discourse and Legitimacy in Singapore
2012, Jothie Rajah, Cambridge University Press
Lawyers, Politics, and Publics: State Management of Lawyers and Legitimacy in Singapore
2012, Jothie Rajah, Cambridge University Press
“Missing Debtors: National Lawmaking and Global Norm-Making of Corporate Bankruptcy Regimes”
2012, Terence Halliday, Oxford University Press
Moral Character, Motive, and the Psychology of Blame
2012, Janice Nadler, Cornell Law Review
“Money Isn’t Everything: Understanding Moderate Income Households’ Use of Lawyers’ Services.”
2012, Rebecca Sandefur, In Middle Income Access to Justice, edited by Anthony Duggan, Lorne Sossin and Michael Trebilcock.
"Palace Wars over Professional Regulation: In-House Counsel in Chinese State-Owned Enterprises"
2012, Sida Liu, Wisconsin Law Review
“Comments on Law & Versteeg’s ‘The Declining Influence of the United States Constitution’ ” (with Z. Elkins & J. Melton)
2012, Tom Ginsburg, 87 New York University Law Review 2088
“Constitutionalism: East Asian Antecedents”
2012, Tom Ginsburg, 88 Chicago Kent Law Review 11
“On the Interpretability of Law: Lessons from the Decoding of National Constitutions" (with J. Melton, Z. Elkins & K. Leetaru)
2012, Tom Ginsburg, British Journal of Political Science
Editor (with L. Karpik & M. Feeley), "The Fates of Political Liberalism in the British Post-Colony: The Politics of the Legal Complex"
2012, Terence Halliday, Cambridge University Press
“The Learning Process of Globalization: How Chinese Law Firms Survived the Financial Crisis”
2012, Sida Liu, Fordham Law Review
Review of "A Nation within a Nation: Organizing African-American Communities before the Civil War"
2012, Dylan C. Penningroth, 9 Journal of American History 591
The Gulf between Promise and Claim: Understanding International Law’s Failure to Decolonise
2012, Jothie Rajah, 3 Transnational Legal Theory 285
"Social Movements, Legal Change, and the Challenges of Writing Legal History"
2012, Christopher Schmidt, Vanderbilt Law Review En Banc
"Law and Society"
2012, Christopher Schmidt, Oxford Encyclopedia of American Social History
Review of Kenneth W. Mack, "Representing the Race: The Creation of the Civil Rights Lawyer"
2012, Christopher Schmidt, 30 Law and History Review 927
Review of Christopher Bonastia, "Southern Stalemate: Five Years without Public Education in Prince Edward County, Virginia"
2012, Christopher Schmidt, Journal of American Studies
Review of James R. Maxeiner with Gyooho Lee and Armin Weber, Failures of American Civil Justice in International Perspective
2012, Stephen Daniels, The Law and Politics Book Review
Plaintiffs’ Lawyers and the Tension between Professional Norms and the Need to Generate Business (with Joanne Martin)
2012, Stephen Daniels, L. Levin & L. Mather, eds., Lawyers in Practice: Ethical Decision-Making in Context
“Did Disfranchisement Laws Help Elect President Bush? New Evidence on the Turnout and Party Registration of Florida’s Ex-Felons"
2012, Traci Burch, Political Behavior
“Who Sings in the Heavenly Chorus? The Shape of the Organized Interest System”
2012, Traci Burch, The Unheavenly Chorus
“Political Voice through Organized Interest Activity”
2012, Traci Burch, The Unheavenly Chorus
“Theory from the South: or, How Euro-America is Evolving Toward Africa”
2012, John Comaroff, Anthropological Forum
“Anthropologists are Talking’: About Anthropology and Post-Apartheid South Africa”
2012, John Comaroff, Journal of Anthropology
“Foreword: Thinking Anthropologically, About British Anthropology”
2012, John Comaroff, Sage Handbook of Social Anthropology
"Ethnicity, Inc" (Polish edition)
2012, John Comaroff, Jagiellonian University Press
"Rules and Processes: The Cultural Logic of Dispute in an African Context" (Chinese edition)
2012, John Comaroff, University of Chicago Press, Chinese Law Press
“Thinking Anthropologically, About British Anthropology: A Preface”
2012, John Comaroff, Sage, with the Association of Social Anthropologists of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth
"Transforming the American Racial Order", editor with J. Hochschild & V. Weaver
2012, Traci Burch, Princeton University Press
"Trademark and Deceptive Advertising Surveys: Law, Science, and Design" (editor,with J. B. Swann)
2012, Shari Seidman Diamond, American Bar Association
“Surveys in Modern Litigation Involving Trademarks and Deceptive Advertising”
2012, Shari Seidman Diamond, American Bar Association
“Surveys in Dilution Cases II”
2012, Shari Seidman Diamond, American Bar Association
“Control Foundations: Rationales & Approaches”
2012, Shari Seidman Diamond, American Bar Association
“Internet Surveys for Evaluating Trademark Infringement and Deceptive Advertising”
2012, Shari Seidman Diamond, American Bar Association
“Thoughts on Total Justice”
2012, Shari Seidman Diamond, Quinnipiac Law Review
“Selected to Serve: An Analysis of Lifetime Jury Participation”
2012, Shari Seidman Diamond, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies
“Homeland Tourism, Emotion, and Identity Labor”
2012, Ronit Dinovitzer, Du Bois Review
“Corporate Law Firms, NGOs, and Issues of Legitimacy for a Global Legal Order”
2012, Bryant G. Garth, Fordham Law Review
“Introduction: Symposium on Exploring Power, Agency & Action in a World of Moving Frontiers”
2012, Bryant G. Garth, Southwestern Law Review
"Comparative Constitutional Design"
2012, Tom Ginsburg, Cambridge University Press
"Courts and Democracies: A Review Essay"
2012, Tom Ginsburg, Law and Social Inquiry
"Constitutional Law and Courts"
2012, Tom Ginsburg, Edward Elgar Publishing
"The Judicialization of Japanese Politics"
2012, Tom Ginsburg, Routledge
"The Empirical Turn in International Legal Scholarship"
2012, Tom Ginsburg, American Journal of International Law
"Lawrence M. Friedman’s Comparative Law, with Notes on Japan"
2012, Tom Ginsburg, Wiley, Simmonds and Hill
“Atrocity Crimes and the Costs of Economic Conflict Crimes in the Battle for Baghdad and Iraq”
2012, John Hagan, European Journal of Criminology
“Children of the American Prison Generation: Student and School Spillover Effect of Incarcerating Mothers”
2012, John Hagan, Law & Society Review
“Intergenerational Educational Effects of Mass Imprisonment in America”
2012, John Hagan, Sociology of Education
“Race, Land, and Forced Migration in Darfur”
2012, John Hagan, New York University Press
“Fighting Human Trafficking or Instituting Totalitarian Control? The Political Co-optation of Human Rights Protection in Belarus”
2012, John Hagan, Governance by Indicators: Global Power through Quantification and Rankings, Oxford University Press
“Legal Yardsticks: International Financial Institutions as Diagnosticians and Designers of the Law of Nations”
2012, Terence Halliday, Governance by Indicators: Global Power through Quantification and Rankings, Oxford University Press
“Colonialism’s Legacies: Variations on the Theme of Political Liberalism in the British Post-Colony”
2012, Terence Halliday, Cambridge University Press
“Architects of the State: International Organizations and the Reconstruction of States in East Asia”
2012, Terence Halliday, Law and Social Inquiry
“Performing Regulation: Transcending Regulatory Ritualism in HIV Clinics”
2012, Carol A. Heimer, Law and Society Review
“Inert Facts and the Illusion of Knowledge: Strategic Uses of Ignorance in HIV Clinics”
2012, Carol A. Heimer, Economy and Society
“The Plight of Mixed-race Adolescents”
2012, Steven D. Levitt, Review of Economics and Statistics
“Is It Fair? Law Professors’ Perceptions of Tenure” (with K. Barnes)
2012, Elizabeth Mertz, 61 Journal of Legal Education 511
“Comparative Anthropology of Law”
2012, Elizabeth Mertz, Comparative Law and Society
2012, Elizabeth Mertz, Theory in Social and Cultural Anthropology, Sage
Blaming As a Social Process: The Influence of Character and Moral Emotion on Blame
2012, Janice Nadler, Law & Contemporary Problems
“The Language of Consent in Police Encounters”
2012, Janice Nadler, Oxford Handbook on Law and Language, Oxford University Press
“Republican Law”
2012, Christopher L. Tomlins, Oxford University Press
“After Critical Legal History: Scope, Scale, Structure”
2012, Christopher L. Tomlins, Annual Review of Law and Social Science
“Effects of Scale: Toward a History of the Literature of Law”
2012, Christopher L. Tomlins, Hart Publishing
“Freedom Bound (A Response to Readers)”
2012, Christopher L. Tomlins, Law & Society Review
“What is Left of the Law and Society Paradigm After Critique? Revisiting Gordon’s ‘Critical Legal Histories’”
2012, Christopher L. Tomlins, Law and Social Inquiry

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