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"The Living Will as Improvisation"
12/1/2015, Susan P. Shapiro, Bifocal: A Journal of the ABA Commission on Law and Aging
First Chairs at Trial: More Women Need Seats at the Table
7/2015, Robert L. Nelson, American Bar Association
Immigration and America’s Urban Revival
7/2015, Robert J. Sampson, American Prospect
Cover of Iraq and the Crimes of Aggressive War: The Legal Cynicism of Criminal Militarism Iraq and the Crimes of Aggressive War: The Legal Cynicism of Criminal Militarism
6/30/2015, John Hagan, Cambridge University Press Studies in Law and Society
Cover of Tort Reform, Plaintiffs’ Lawyers, and Access to Justice Tort Reform, Plaintiffs’ Lawyers, and Access to Justice
4/2015, Stephen Daniels, University Press of Kansas
Divided by Law: The Sit-Ins and the Role of the Courts in the Civil Rights Movement
2015, Christopher Schmidt, 33 Law & History Review 93
"Crime: Whitecollar"
2015, Susan P. Shapiro, International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2nd edition, Vol 5. Oxford: Elsevier
Rule of Law as Transnational Legal Order
2015, Jothie Rajah, Cambridge University Press
“Boundary Work and Exchange: The Formation of a Professional Service Market”
2015, Sida Liu, Symbolic Interaction
“Law’s Social Forms: A Powerless Approach to the Sociology of Law”
2015, Sida Liu, Law & Social Inquiry
"Law's Metalinguistics: Silence, Speech, and Action."
2015, Elizabeth Mertz, Speaking of Language and Law: Conversations on the Work of Peter Tiersma, ed. L. Solan & Roger Shuy
"Do Advance Directives Direct?"
2015, Susan P. Shapiro, Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law
“Advocates, Experts, and Suspects: Three Images of Lawyers in Chinese Media Reports”
2015, Terence Halliday, Sida Liu, International Journal of the Legal Profession
“The Fall and Rise of Law and Social Science in China.”
2015, Sida Liu, Annual Review of Law and Social Science
Rule of Law Lineages: Heroes, Coffins, and Custom
2015, Jothie Rajah, Law, Culture, and the Humanities
“A Bridge Between: Law and the New Intellectual Histories of Capitalism,” 64 Buffalo Law Review 1-23 (2016)
2015, Ajay K. Mehrotra, Buffalo Law Review
Compounded Deprivation in the Transition to Adulthood: The Intersection of Racial and Economic Inequality among Chicagoans, 1995-2013.
2015, Robert J. Sampson, 1 The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences 35
Achieving the Middle Ground in an Age of Concentrated Extremes: Mixed Middle-Income Neighborhoods and Emerging Adulthood
2015, Robert J. Sampson, 660 ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 156
Ecometrics in the Age of Big Data: Measuring and Assessing ‘Broken Windows’ Using Large-scale Administrative Records
2015, Robert J. Sampson, 45 Sociological Methodology 101
The Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Divide
2015, Christopher Schmidt, 12 University of Colorado Law Review 1
Litigating Against the Civil Rights Movement
2015, Christopher Schmidt, 86 University of Colorado Law Review 1173

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