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                                                                                         Christopher Schmidt
                                                                                   American Bar Foundation
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Review Section Editor:  Volume 41 Associate Editors:    Editorial Coordinator:

Howard S. Erlanger                                  John Hagan                                                                Willa Sachs
Institute for Legal Studies                     Victoria Woeste                                                          
Law School                                                  Janice Nadler
University of Wisconsin                          Matthew Shaw
Madison, WI 53706                                  Mandy Hughett

Volume 41 Editorial Advisory Board:

Karen Alter, Political Science, Northwestern University
Ana Aparicio, Anthropology, Northwestern University
Scott Barclay, History and Politics, Drexel University
Katherine Barnes, Law, University of Arizona
Leora Bilsky, Law, Tel Aviv University
Daniel Brinks, Government, University of Texas at Austin
Keith Bybee, Political Science, Syracuse University
Nick Cheesman, Political & Social Change, Australia National University
Lynette Chua, Law, National University of Singapore
Ben Crewe, Criminology, University of Cambridge
Daniel Ernst, Law, Georgetown University
Catherine Fisk, Law, University of California at Irvine
Kaaryn Gustafson, Law, University of California at Irvine
Craig Haney, Psychology, University of California at Santa Cruz
Xin He, Law, City University of Hong Kong
Tanya Hernandez, Law, Fordham University
Eric Ip, Law, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Martha Jones, Law, University of Michigan
Diana Kapiszewski, Government, Georgetown University
Leslie Levin, Law, University of Connecticut
Sida Liu, Sociology, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Mona Lynch, Social Ecology, University of California at Irvine
Ajay Mehrotra, Law, Northwestern University
Ethan Michelson, Sociology, Indiana University
Alfonso Morales, Urban and Regional Planning, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Julie Novkov, Political Science, University at Albany, SUNY
Tiana Paschel, Political Science, University of Chicago
Ronen Perry, Law, University of Haifa
Victor Quintanilla, Law, Indiana University
Intisar Rabb, Law, Harvard University
Christopher Roberts, Law, University of Minnesota
Emily Ryo, Law, University of Southern California
Mitra Sharafi, Law, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Mark Sidel, Law, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Rachel Stern, Law, University of California at Berkeley
Forrest Stuart, Sociology, University of Chicago
Margaret Woo, Law, Northeastern University

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