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Symposium and Review Essay Guidelines

            Law & Social Inquiry periodically publishes symposia organized around a theme or topic of interest to the sociolegal scholarly community. Symposia are made available online as a part of the Early View feature of the Wiley Online Library. Symposia are typically comprised of an introductory essay by the symposium organizer and 4 to 8 research articles on the topic at hand. The maximum word limit for symposia articles is 10,000 words, including footnotes and citations.

             Anyone interested in organizing a symposium should submit a proposal to the Editor in Chief of LSI (Christopher Schmidt, ).  Symposium proposals must include a description of the proposed symposium and a list of the contributing articles, including authors, titles, and 200-word abstracts for each.  Once the proposal is approved, contributing authors can submit their individual articles through LSI’s Scholar One Manuscript software system.  LSI’s submission guidelines stipulate that each symposium article (excluding the symposium introduction) should be submitted as an individual manuscript with an individual author or set of authors. All articles must have original content and be exclusive submissions to LSI.  Instructions on how to submit to LSI through its ScholarOne Manuscript page can be found under the Publications tab on the American Bar Foundation website (   All symposium articles should be submitted at roughly the same date. Each author should also indicate that the submission is a part of a symposium and include the symposium’s title.  After an article has received all of its reviews, the LSI editorial committee makes decisions on each manuscript individually. LSI’s editorial office will be in contact with the symposium organizer with  periodic updates throughout this process.

            Wiley stipulates that symposia be uploaded to its Production Coordinator as a whole. This means that although some articles may be accepted at an earlier stage in the peer-review process, they will not enter the production process until decisions have been made for every symposium manuscript and the final version of all accepted manuscripts has been received by our editorial office. Additionally, symposium articles will be published online on Wiley's Early View feature as a group prior to print publication in the designated volume of LSI.  Once all manuscript decisions for the symposium have been made, the symposium organizer should submit an introductory essay for the symposium as soon as possible. Accepted articles and the introductory essay will then go through copyediting and be uploaded to Wiley, whose staff will then be in contact with individual authors for final proof approval.

Review Essays do not undergo traditional peer review, so please do not use ScholarOne Manuscripts to submit your essay.

Send books for review and inquiries regarding review essays to:
Howard S. Erlanger
Review Section Editor, Law & Social Inquiry
Institute for Legal Studies,
Law School
University of Wisconsin,
Madison, WI 53706.
Telephone: 608-263-7405. Fax: 608-238-8003


Please note that Law & Social Inquiry publishes review essays and short book notes but not traditional book reviews.

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