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Heckman Group - Papers

March 28, 2017 World Justice Project

Franklin AllenThe Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and Jun "QJ" QianCarroll School of Management, Boston College(DOC)"Comparing Legal and Alternative Institutions in Commerce"

Thomas GinsburgUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign – (DOC)"The Lifespan of Written Constitutions"

Terence HallidayAmerican Bar Foundation – (DOC)"The Fight for First Generation Rights: A Comparative Essay on the Mobilization of the Legal Complex for Basic Legal Freedoms"

Ron HarrisTel Aviv University – (DOC)“Law, Finance and the First Corporations”

Margaret LeviUniversity of Washington & Brad Epperly, University of Washington - “(DOC)Principled Principals in the Founding Moments of the Rule of Law”

Robert NelsonAmerican Bar Foundation and Northwestern University & Lee Cabatingan, University of Chicago - "(DOC)Introductory Essay: New Research on the Rule of Law"

Thomas CarothersCarnegie Endowment for International Peace - "(DOC)Rule of Law Temptations"

Barry WeingastStanford University – (DOC)“Why Developing Countries Prove So Resistant to the Rule of Law”

James HeckmanAmerican Bar Foundation and University of Chicago -(PDF) “The Viability of the Welfare State”

Yash Ghai,University of Hong Kong Law School, Constitution Advisory Unit, United Nations Development Program-  (DOC)"Constitutionalism and  the Challenge of Ethnic Diversity"

Katharina PistorColumbia University, and Antara HaldarTrinity College, University of Cambridge & Amrit Amirapu (DOC) “Social Norms, Rule of Law, and Gender Reality”

Amartya SenHarvard University(DOC)Global Justice

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