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Colonizing the Clinic: The Adventures of Law in HIV Treatment and Research
Apr 2014
Regulatory Wranglers: Lay Theorizing about Context in HIV Clinics
Aug 2013
Aiming for Responsibility; Settling for Accountability
Jun 2013
Disciplining Doctors vs. Improving Ethics: The Two Faces of Law in Medicine
Mar 2013
What Matters About Context? Regulatory Wranglers and Lay Theorizing About Context in HIV Clinics
Feb 2013
Institutionalized Skepticism and the Construction of Trustworthiness
Nov 2012
Blue Moon Regulation: Why the Have-Nots Occasionally Come Out Ahead
Jul 2012
From the Courtroom to the Examining Room: What Rights Mean in HIV Clinics
Jun 2012
‘Wicked’ Ethics: Compliance Work and the Practice of Ethics in HIV Clinics
Apr 2012
Inert Facts and the Illusion of Knowledge: Managing Ignorance in HIV Clinics,” Keynote address at conference on “Strategic Unknowns: The Usefulness of Ambiguity and Ignorance in Organizational Life"
Oct 2009
Side Effects: Accountability in International HIV/AIDS Programs
Aug 2009 with W.N. Espeland
Legal Systems and Moral Codes
Jun 2009
In the Shadow of the WHO, WTO, NIH, FDA, PEPFAR, . . .: Disciplining Medicine or Creating Chaos?”
May 2009
What’s Law Got to Do with It? HIV and Public Health Law in Comparative Perspective
Nov 2007 panel participant
Resilience in the Middle: International Medicine, HIV Clinics, and Traditional Patients
Aug 2007
Thinking About How to Avoid Thought: Deep Norms, Shallow Rules and the Structure of Attention
Jun 2007
Thinking About How to Avoid Thought: Deep Norms, Shallow Rules and the Structure of Attention
Feb 2007

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