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"What Is a Clinic? Relationships and the Practice of Organizational Ethnography"
11/1/2019, Carol A. Heimer, Sociological Methods and Research
"DRC's Contested Election: Constitutional Coup or Baby Step to Democracy?"
2019, Carol A. Heimer, TRT World
Cover of The New Legal Realism: Studying Law Globally The New Legal Realism: Studying Law Globally
5/3/2016, Carol A. Heimer, Elizabeth Mertz, Sida Liu, Cambridge University Press
Colonizing the Clinic: The Adventures of Law in HIV Treatment and Research
2014, Carol A. Heimer, Cambridge University Press
Resilience in the Middle: Contributions of Regulated Organizations to Regulatory Success
2013, Carol A. Heimer, 649 Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 139
“Failed Governance: A Comment on Baker and Griffith’s Ensuring Corporate Misconduct”
2013, Carol A. Heimer, Law and Social Inquiry
“Performing Regulation: Transcending Regulatory Ritualism in HIV Clinics”
2012, Carol A. Heimer, Law and Society Review
“Inert Facts and the Illusion of Knowledge: Strategic Uses of Ignorance in HIV Clinics”
2012, Carol A. Heimer, Economy and Society
“Disarticulated Responsiveness: The Theory and Practice of Responsive Regulation in Multi-Layered Systems”
2011, Carol A. Heimer, University of British Columbia Law Review
“Extending the Rails: How Research Reshapes Clinics”
2011, Carol A. Heimer, Social Studies of Science
“The Unstable Alliance of Law and Morality”
2010, Carol A. Heimer, Handbook of the Sociology of Morality
“Bureaucratic Ethics: IRBs and the Legal Regulation of Human Subjects Research”
2010, Carol A. Heimer, Annual Review of Law and Social Science
“Biographies, Legal Cases and Political Transitions”
2009, Carol A. Heimer, Hart Publishing
"Review of Kieran Healy, Last Best Gifts: Altruism and the Market for Human Blood and Organs"
2008, Carol A. Heimer, Contemporary Sociology
"Review of Eileen Stillwaggon, AIDS and the Ecology of Poverty"
2008, Carol A. Heimer, American Journal of Sociology
“Old Inequalities, New Disease: HIV/AIDS in Sub- Saharan Africa”
2007, Carol A. Heimer, Annual Review of Sociology
“Regulating Creativity: Research and Survival in the IRB Iron Cage”
2007, Carol A. Heimer, Northwestern University Law Review
"Review of Jonathan B. Imber, Trusting Doctors: The Decline of Moral Authority in American Medicine"
Forthcoming, Carol A. Heimer, Contemporary Sociology
“‘Wicked’ Ethics: Compliance Work and the Practice of Ethics in HIV Research”
Forthcoming, Carol A. Heimer, Social Science and Medicine

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