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“Emotional Evidence in Court”
4/1/2021, Janice Nadler, Research Handbook on Law and Emotion
“Ordinary People and the Rationalization of Wrongdoing”
5/4/2020, Janice Nadler, Michigan Law Review
“Reducing Meat Consumption by Appealing to Animal Welfare: Protocol for a Meta-Analysis and Theoretical Review”
1/6/2020, Janice Nadler, Systematic Reviews
"Regulations, Public Attitudes, and Private Governance"
1/9/2019, Janice Nadler, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies
Social Psychology and the Law
Expressive Law, Social Norms, and Social Groups
2017, Janice Nadler, LAW & SOCIAL INQUIRY
The Path of Motivated Blame and the Complexities of Intent
2014, Janice Nadler, 25 PSYCHOLOGICAL INQUIRY 222
Moral Character, Motive, and the Psychology of Blame
2012, Janice Nadler, Cornell Law Review
Blaming As a Social Process: The Influence of Character and Moral Emotion on Blame
2012, Janice Nadler, Law & Contemporary Problems
“The Language of Consent in Police Encounters”
2012, Janice Nadler, Oxford Handbook on Law and Language, Oxford University Press
"The Language of Consent in Police Encounters"
2010, Janice Nadler, Oxford Handbook of Linguistics and Law
"Eminent Domain and the Psychology of Property Rights: Proposed Use, Subjective Attachment, and Taker Identity"
2009, Shari Seidman Diamond, Janice Nadler, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies
“Law, Psychology & Morality”
2009, Janice Nadler, Academic Press
Coordinating in the Shadow of the Law: Two Contextualized Tests of the Focal Point Theory of Legal Compliance
2008, Janice Nadler, Law & Society Review
Moral Spillovers: The Effect of Moral Mandate Violations on Deviant Behavior
2008, Janice Nadler, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology
"Government Takings of Private Property: Kelo and the Perfect Storm"
2008, Shari Seidman Diamond, Janice Nadler, Oxford University Press
Build Rapport and a Better Deal
2007, Janice Nadler, Negotiation
Constructing Focal Points Through Legal Expression: An Experimental Test
2007, Janice Nadler, Rowman & Littlefield
The Law and Norms of File Sharing
2006, Janice Nadler, San Diego Law Review
Appropriately Upset? Emotion Norms and Perceptions of Crime Victims
2006, Janice Nadler, Law & Human Behavior
“Judgmental Biases in Conflict Resolution and How to Overcome Them”
2006, Janice Nadler, Jossey-Bass
“Negotiation, Information Technology, and the Problem of the Faceless Other”
2006, Janice Nadler, Psychology Press
Social Psychology and the Law
Forthcoming, Janice Nadler, Oxford University Press
“Consent, Dignity, and the Failure of Scattershot Policing,” in J. Parry & S. Richardson, eds.
Forthcoming, Janice Nadler, Cambridge University Press
“Law, Moral Attitudes, and Behavioral Change” (with K. Bilz), in E. Zamir & D. Teichman, eds.
Forthcoming, Janice Nadler, Oxford University Press

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