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Law and globalization

Transnational Law as Drama
Jul 2016
An Ethnography of Rule of Law Discourses: Lawyer-Soldiers and the Rule of Law
Jun 2016
Making Sense of Law & Order
Jun 2016
Discussant at World Justice Project Scholars’ Consortium Conference
May 2016
Law as Record: the Death of Osama bin Laden
Apr 2016
Rule of Law Discourses: Abstractions and Silences in the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index
Oct 2015
Measuring Rule of Law: The World Justice Project and its Index
Sep 2015
Law at the Edge of the World
Jul 2015
Images Mediating Indicators: The Military and the Rule of Law Index
Jun 2015
Reconfiguring ‘Rule of Law’: The World Justice Project and the Military
May 2015
Law and the Visual in a Post-9/11 World
Mar 2015
Rule of Law and Postcolonial Nation-Making
Mar 2015
Policing Lawyers: Discourses of Law and the Legal Profession in Singapore
Feb 2015
A Jurisprudence of Images
Nov 2014
Post-9/11 Rule of Law: Indicators, Images, and Legitimacy
Nov 2014
Neoliberalizing Rule of Law: The World Justice Project and the Military
Aug 2014
Narrating the Rule of Law Nation
May 2014
Reading the Terms of 9/11 Discourse
May 2014
Absent Law: Law and Justice in a Post-9/11 World
Mar 2014
Invited Panelist at ‘Global Rule of Law’
Mar 2014
Rule of Law Indicators
Jun 2013
Authoritarian Rule of Law: Emergency, Prosperity, and In-dependence
Jun 2013
Bedeviled Rule of Law: Translating Law’s Authority in a Post-9/11 World
May 2013
Of Masks and Absences: Cause Lawyering in Singapore
Apr 2013
‘Rule of Law’ as Global Discourse
Jul 2012
Rule of Law Discourses as Transnational Legal Order
Jun 2012
Of Masks and Absences: Cause Lawyering in Singapore
Jun 2012
Indicators and Transnational Meta-Narratives on Rule of Law
Feb 2012
Rule of Law: A Singapore Story
Aug 2011
Figuring ‘the people’; Bordering ‘the nation’: APEC and Territories of Temporary Emergency
Dec 2010
Colonial Continuities, National Inventions: Race, Religion and Law in Singapore
Dec 2010
A(nother) Great Leap Forward: Authoritarian Rule-of-Law
Oct 2010

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