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Co-organizer (with Bryant Garth) of New Realism 10th Anniversary Conference: Future Directions for Legal Empiricism. Commentator on "Envisioning A New Legal Realism" Keynote Panel.
Aug 2014 Elizabeth Mertz
Legal Education Reform, Legal Globalization, and Empire
Jun 2013
Lawyers and the Transformation of the Fields of State Power: Osmosis, Hysterisis, and Readjustments (with Y. Dezalay)
May 2013
Law and Globalization: Lawyers as Merchants, Moral Entrepreneurs, and Statesmen
May 2013
After the JD and Its Lessons for Studying Lawyers’ Careers Within and Outside of the US
Apr 2012
Are Law Schools in Crisis? The New York Times Debate and its Discontents
Mar 2012
Social Capital and Legal Capital: A Perspective on Asian Legal Developments
Feb 2012
Organizing and Financing Legal Education
Jan 2012
Making Sense of the Elite Law School Advantage: Symbolic Capital and the Structuring of Opportunities, Expectations, Hopes, and Choices
May 2009 Ronit Dinovitzer
Settling into the Legal Profession: Elite Advantage, Opportunities for Upward Mobility, and the Paradox of Elites and Large Law Firms
May 2009 Ronit Dinovitzer
Asian Legal Revivals: Lawyer-Compradors and Colonial Strategies in the Reshaping of Asian States
Apr 2009
Globalism and the Law
Apr 2009
The First Seven Years of a Lawyer’s Career
Feb 2009 Robert L. Nelson, Ronit Dinovitzer, J. Sterling and D. Wilkins
The Changing Role of Urban Law Schools
Sep 2007
Building and Revamping Legal Virtue: Legal and Colonial Strategies in the Construction of Asian States: The Example of the Philippines
Sep 2007
Social Science Perspectives on Legal Education and the Legal Profession
Jun 2007
Legal Elites and the Construction of the State: From Colonialism to International Human Rights
Jun 2007 with Yves Dezalay

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