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The Explanation of Crime: Context, Mechanisms and Development
12/1/2006, Robert J. Sampson, Cambridge University Press
“A Tribute to Clifford Geertz”
11/1/2006, Elizabeth Mertz, Empirical Legal Studies Blog
"Death in Darfur"
9/15/2006, John Hagan, Science
Shared Beginnings, Divergent Lives: Delinquent Boys to Age 70
3/2006, Robert J. Sampson, Harvard University Press
The Law and Norms of File Sharing
2006, Janice Nadler, San Diego Law Review
Appropriately Upset? Emotion Norms and Perceptions of Crime Victims
2006, Janice Nadler, Law & Human Behavior
“Judgmental Biases in Conflict Resolution and How to Overcome Them”
2006, Janice Nadler, Jossey-Bass
“Negotiation, Information Technology, and the Problem of the Faceless Other”
2006, Janice Nadler, Psychology Press
"New Civil Rights Research: A Constitutive Approach"
2006, Laura Beth Nielsen, Ashgate
“The Power of Place in the Construction of Rights”
2006, Laura Beth Nielsen, Ashgate
“Introduction” in New Civil Rights Research: A Constitutive Approach
2006, Laura Beth Nielsen, Ashgate
“A New Legal Realist Perspective on Employment Discrimination”
2006, Laura Beth Nielsen, Law & Social Inquiry
“My People, My People: The Dynamics of Community in Southern Slavery”
2006, Dylan C. Penningroth, University of Georgia Press
“Politics, Police, Past and Present: Larry Kramer’s The People Themselves”
2006, Christopher L. Tomlins, Chicago-Kent Law Review
"The Organization of Public Interest Practice: 1975-2004"
2006, Laura Beth Nielsen, North Carolina Law Review
The Texas Two-Step: Evidence on the Link Between Damage Caps and Access (with Joanne MartinI
2006, Stephen Daniels, DePaul Law Review
"Client Influence and the Contingency of Professionalism: The Work of Elite Corporate Lawyers in China"
2006, Sida Liu, Law & Society Review
"Beyond Global Convergence: Conflicts of Legitimacy in a Chinese Lower Court"
2006, Sida Liu, Law & Social Inquiry
“Globalization and Law”
2006, Terence Halliday, Annual Review of Sociology
“Negotiating Globalization: Global Templates and the Construction of Insolvency Regimes in East Asia”
2006, Terence Halliday, Law and Social Inquiry
“The Black-White Test Score Gap through Third Grade”
2006, Steven D. Levitt, American Law and Economics Review
“Losing Ground at School”
2006, Steven D. Levitt, Rowan & Littlefield
“White-Collar Crime Writ Small: A Case Study of Bagels, Donuts, and the Honor System”
2006, Steven D. Levitt, American Economic Review
Open Doors Don't Invite Criminals: Is Increased Immigration Behind the Drop in Crime?
2006, Robert J. Sampson, New York Times (op-ed)
Does Marriage Reduce Crime? A Counterfactual Approach to Within-Individual Causal Effects
2006, Robert J. Sampson, 44 Criminology 465
Durable Inequality: Spatial Dynamics, Social Processes and the Persistence of Poverty in Chicago Neighborhoods
2006, Robert J. Sampson, In S. Bowles, S. Durlauf, & K. Hoff, Poverty Traps, Princeton University Press
Cultural Mechanisms and Killing Fields: A Revised Theory of Community-Level Racial Inequality
2006, Robert J. Sampson, The Many Colors of Crime: Inequalities of Race, Ethnicity and Crime in America, NY University Press
How Does Community Context Matter? Social Mechanisms and the Explanation of Crime
2006, Robert J. Sampson, In R. Sampson & P. Wikström, eds., The Explanation of Crime: Context, Mechanisms, and Development
“The Constitutional History and Contemporary Structure of Midwestern Governance”
2006, Stephen Daniels, Indiana University Press
Plaintiffs’ Lawyers, Specialization, and Medical Malpractice (with Joanne Martin)
2006, Stephen Daniels, Vanderbilt Law Review
“Juror Questions During Trial: A Window into Juror Thinking”
2006, Shari Seidman Diamond, Vanderbilt Law Review
“Beyond Fantasy and Nightmare: A Portrait of the Jury”
2006, Shari Seidman Diamond, Buffalo Law Review
“From the Cold War to Kosovo: The Rise and Renewal of International Human Rights Law as a Socio-Legal Field”
2006, Bryant G. Garth, Annual Review of Law and Social Science
“The Legal Construction of A Politics Of Notables: The Double Game of the Patricians of The Indian Bar In The Market Of Civic Virtue”
2006, Bryant G. Garth, Retfærd Nordic Legal Journal

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