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“In the Belly of the Beast: Black Policemen Combat Police Brutality in Chicago, 1968-1983”
9/1/2013, Tera Agyepong
Cover of Trading Democracy for Justice: Criminal Convictions and the Decline of Neighborhood Political Participation Trading Democracy for Justice: Criminal Convictions and the Decline of Neighborhood Political Participation
8/2013, Traci Burch, University of Chicago Press
“Aberrant Sexualities and Racialized Masculinazation: Race, Gender, and the Criminalization of African American Girls at the Illinois Industrial School for Girls at Geneva, 1896-1935”
6/1/2013, Tera Agyepong
“The Color of Glass: The Career Progress of Men and Women of Color in Private Law Firms” (with M. Payne-Pikus & J. Hagan)
3/14/2013, John Hagan, Robert L. Nelson, Research Brief prepared for Diversity and Flexibility Alliance Conference
“Expanding the Empirical Study of Access to Justice.” (with Catherine R. Albiston)
2013, Rebecca Sandefur, Wisconsin Law Review
"Beyond the Numbers: What We Know – and Should Know – About American Pro Bono" (with Scott L. Cummings)
2013, Rebecca Sandefur, Harvard Law and Policy Review
“Failed Governance: A Comment on Baker and Griffith’s Ensuring Corporate Misconduct”
2013, Carol A. Heimer, Law and Social Inquiry
“Why Broccoli? Limiting Principles and Popular Constitutionalism in the Health Care Decision” (with M. Rosen)
2013, Christopher Schmidt, 61 UCLA Law Review
“Explaining the Baseball Revolution”
2013, Christopher Schmidt, 45 Arizona State Law Journal
“Beyond the Opinion: Supreme Court Justices and Extrajudicial Speech”
2013, Christopher Schmidt, 88 Chicago-Kent Law Review 487
“Introduction: The Supreme Court and the American Public” (with C. Shapiro)
2013, Christopher Schmidt, 88 Chicago-Kent Law Review 287
“American Legal History, 1920-1970,” in A. Brophy & S. Hadden, eds.
2013, Christopher Schmidt, Blackwell Companion to American Legal History
"Defending the Right to Discriminate: The Libertarian Challenge to the Civil Rights Movement," in S. Hadden & . Minter eds.
2013, Christopher Schmidt, Signposts: New Directions in Southern Legal History
“Law ‘and’, Law ‘in’, Law ‘as’: The Definition, Rejection and Recuperation of the Socio-Legal Enterprise,”
2013, Christopher L. Tomlins, Law In Context
“Animals Accurs’d: Ferae Naturae and the Law of Property in Nineteenth Century North America,”
2013, Christopher L. Tomlins, University of Toronto Law Journal
“The State, the Unions, and the Critical Synthesis in Labor Law History: A 25-year Retrospect,”
2013, Christopher L. Tomlins, Labor Histor
"New Legal Realism and the Empirical Turn in Law" (Macaulay & Mertz)
2013, Elizabeth Mertz, Introduction to Law & Social Theory (eds. R. Banakar & M. Travers), 195-210. Oxford: Hart Pub.
Resilience in the Middle: Contributions of Regulated Organizations to Regulatory Success
2013, Carol A. Heimer, 649 Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 139
Improving the Lives of Individuals in Financial Distress Using a Randomized Control Trial: A Research and Clinical Approach
2013, Rebecca Sandefur, 20 Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law & Policy 449
Paths to Justice – A Past, Present and Future Roadmap
2013, Rebecca Sandefur, Nuffield Foundation
“The Legal Profession as a Social Process: A Theory on Lawyers and Globalization”
2013, Sida Liu, Law & Social Inquiry
Hypotheticals (with J. Bowers), e-supplement for Lee Epstein and Thomas Walker, Constitutional Law for a Changing American, 8th ed.
2013, Stephen Daniels, CQ Press
“Optimism Bias and Buyers’ Remorse? Law School Hierarchy, Access to the Rewards of Corporate Practice, and the Desirability of a Lawyer Career” (with B. Garth & J. Sterling)
2013, Bryant G. Garth, Ronit Dinovitzer, Journal of Legal Education
“Elite European lawyers? The Common Market as new Golden Age or Missed Opportunity” (with Y. Dezalay), in N. Kauppi & M. Madsen, eds., Transnational Power Elites: The European Complex in the Global Field of Power
2013, Bryant G. Garth, Routledge
“Why Do Countries Adopt Constitutional Review?”
2013, Tom Ginsburg, Journal of Law, Economics and Organization
“The South African Constitutional Court and socio-economic rights as ‘insurance swaps’”
2013, Tom Ginsburg, 11 South Africa Constitutional Court Review 1
“When to Overthrow your Government: The Right to Resist in the World’s Constitutions” (with D. Lansberg-Rodriguez & M. Versteeg)
2013, Tom Ginsburg, 60 UCLA Law Review 1184
Editor (with H. Scheiber), "The Japanese Legal System: an Era of Transition"
2013, Tom Ginsburg, Robbins Collection Publishers
“The Judicialization of Japanese Politics?” (with T. Matsudaira)
2013, Tom Ginsburg, Robbins Collection Publishers
Editor (with S. Ali), "International Commercial Arbitration in Asia"
2013, Tom Ginsburg, Juris Publishing
“Getting to Rights: Treaty Ratification, Constitutional Convergence, and Human Rights Practice" (with Z. Elkins & B. Simmons)
2013, Tom Ginsburg, 51 Harvard International Law Journal 201
“Perceived Danger and Offending: Exploring the Links between Violent Victimization and Street Crime” (with F. Tyler & B. McCarthy
2013, John Hagan, 28 Violence and Victims 16
“It’s Political: Reframing Sociological Criminology”
2013, John Hagan, 42 Contemporary Sociology 687
“Who Governs? Delegations in Global Trade Lawmaking” (with J. Pacewicz & S. Block-Lieb)
2013, Terence Halliday, 7 Regulation and Governance 279
“Global Duelists: The Recursive Politics of the Text in International Commercial Law” (with S. Block-Lieb)
2013, Terence Halliday, Routledge
“What Can Be Done To Improve Struggling High Schools?” (with J. Berry, E. Robertson and S. Sadoff)
2013, Steven D. Levitt, 27 The Journal of Economic Perspectives 133
“Testing for racial differences in the mental ability of young children” (with G. R. Fryer, Jr.)
2013, Steven D. Levitt, 103 The American Economic Review 981
“Is Texas Hold'Em a Game of Chance? A Legal and Economic Analysis” (with T. Miles & A. Rosenfield)
2013, Steven D. Levitt, 101 Georgetown Law Journal 581
“Introduction: Jane Larson’s Sociological Jurisprudence”
2013, Elizabeth Mertz, 28 Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender, and Society

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