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"The Impact of COVID-19 on Small Rental Property Management: Insights from a Chicago Case Study"
12/6/2021, Anna Reosti
Protecting Basic Legal Freedoms: International Legal Complexes, Accountability Devices, and the Deviant Case of China, byTerence C. Halliday, Shira Zilberstein and Wendy Espeland
11/15/2021, Terence Halliday, Annual Review of Law and Social Science, 17:159-80.
“Race, the Construction of Dangerous Sexualities, and Juvenile Justice,” in The Intimate State: Sex, Gender, and Governance in Modern America, ed. Margot Canaday, Robert Self, and Nancy Cott
9/6/2021, Tera Agyepong
"Racist Torture and the Code of Silence: A Situational Analysis of Sidebar Secrecy and Legal Cynicism in the Trial of Jon Burge"
7/8/2021, John Hagan
“International Law and Transnational Legal Orders: Permeating Boundaries and Extending Social Science Encounters”
7/7/2021, Terence Halliday
"Review of Dixon and Landau’s Abusive Constitutional Borrowing"
7/1/2021, Tom Ginsburg
"Multimodal conduct in the law: Language, gesture and materiality in legal interaction by Gregory Matoesian and Kristin Enola Gilbert (review)"
6/1/2021, Elizabeth Mertz
Cover of Juries, Lay Judges, and Mixed Courts Juries, Lay Judges, and Mixed Courts
5/25/2021, Shari Seidman Diamond, Cambridge University Press
“The Costs of Seeking Shelter for Renters with Discrediting Background Records”
5/18/2021, Anna Reosti
“Representing Transnational Law”
5/14/2021, Jothie Rajah, The Oxford Handbook of Transnational Law
Cover of Research Handbook on Modern Legal Realism Research Handbook on Modern Legal Realism
5/3/2021, Elizabeth Mertz
“Emotional Evidence in Court”
4/1/2021, Janice Nadler, Research Handbook on Law and Emotion
3/3/2021, Jothie Rajah, The Routledge Handbook on Law and Society
"The Bible in Contemporaneous Struggles for Basic Legal Freedoms"
3/1/2021, Terence Halliday, The Oxford Handbook of the Bible in China
"Dignity Discourses in Struggles for Basic Legal Freedoms in China"
2/8/2021, Terence Halliday, Sida Liu
“International Law and American Criminology: Lessons of Racist Torture and Reparations from Geneva to Chicago”
1/25/2021, John Hagan, International Criminology
"The Comparative Constitutional Law of Presidential Impeachment"
1/18/2021, Tom Ginsburg, University of Chicago Law Review
“Law’s Governing Centers: A Global Sociolegal Approach” (Forthcoming)
2021, Jothie Rajah, (Dis)Order: Technique, Power, Legitimacy in Polycentric Governing
“Paralegals and the Casualisation and De-Professionalization of Lawyers” (Forthcoming)
2021, Rebecca Sandefur, Lawyers in Society
"Comparative Constitutional Law: State of the Discipline" (Forthcoming)
2021, Tom Ginsburg, Comparative Constitutional Law
“Within and Beyond the Anthropological Study of Law and Language” (In Press)
2021, Elizabeth Mertz, Oxford University Press

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