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Frequently Asked Questions: Doctoral Fellowships

Does the ABF encourage submissions from those who did not receive an award in a previous year?

There is no typical answer to this question, since individuals’ circumstances change from year to year. There may be some applicants who have been encouraged to re-apply, but the ABF does not have a policy to either encourage or discourage re-application.

Will the ABF consider applications that address topics outside the U.S. context? 

Yes, your research does not have to be U.S. focused.

Is there an acceptable range in the length of submitted proposals?

We do not have any required guidelines for the proposal – most people submit a chapter or article length proposal, or what you currently have completed for your dissertation proposal.

The narrative proposal is suggested to be “chapter/article length” – is there a recommended length for this requirement?

We do not see a typical length proposal. We do not have strict character or word count limits in the application. The idea is for applicants to present their strongest version of their research proposal. Our aim is not to constrain the applicant, but the proposal need not necessarily be chapter/article length, either.

Are your fellowships restricted by bar affiliation or U.S. citizenship?

There is no restriction by bar affiliation. Non-U.S. nationals are welcome to apply; however, we do not have the institutional capacity to sponsor visas through the Department of Homeland Security.

Are the applications for each fellowship program considered separately? Am I eligible to apply to more than one?

The appointments committee will be considering applications for each fellowship program separately, so if you are interested in more than one, you should apply to each fellowship separately.

Are there any specifications or preferences about the form of the writing sample (e.g. dissertation chapter, published solo-authored article, etc.)?

We have no preferences or limitations.

Who reviews the applications?

The committee is made up of ABF faculty and their bios are listed on our website. 

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