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The Future of Latinos in the United States: Law, Opportunity, and Mobility

Authors: Robert L. Nelson, Rachel F. Moran

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"The Future of Latinos in the United States: Law, Opportunity, and Mobility" has three goals:

1) To advance research and policy making through Regional Roundtables and a National Summit: This includes holding regional roundtables in the Southwest (UCLA), Northwest (Stanford), South (Texas), Southeast (Miami), Northeast (Yale), and Midwest (Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law). At each roundtable, we will gather law and non-law scholars, legal advocates and community activists, media representatives, foundation representatives, and students to imagine the different futures for Latinos that are possible by 2050. These interdisciplinary scholars and change agents will enter into meaningful dialogue about how law and policy can either entrench or interrupt inequality.

2) To encourage innovative teaching and service through a Clinical Network: As a result of the rise of the clinical education movement, there are now appellate advocacy and public policy clinics at many law schools around the country.  Some focus on U.S. Supreme Court litigation, others on cases before the federal appeals courts, and still others on state appeals.  At present these clinics generally pursue their work independently without significant or sustained collaboration.  We believe that if properly coordinated by a network, these programs could provide vital resources for the Latino community to address the legal challenges it faces. Our aim is to bring diverse stakeholders together to facilitate law and policy reform by: 1) using technology to link appellate advocacy and public policy clinics at many law schools around the country to encourage ongoing communication and immediate sharing of ideas and strategies; 2) asking legal advocacy organizations and clinics to collaborate with each other and to forge sustainable relationships with their respective Latino communities; and 3) creating an online bank of appellate briefs and legislative proposals that any interested individual or organization could readily obtain through the website. We held a planning summit at UCLA in November 2016 to develop the logistics of creating a “network for justice.” 

3) To promote public understanding through outreach and dissemination: Our bilingual website will assist individuals and organizations to identify much needed support in their areas through an easy-to-navigate interface.  In order to serve the Latino community at large, we have created a map that contains contact information for local organizations and agencies that are serving the needs of Latinos. We will also include a second map that inventories experts and scholars who are studying Latinos. Both maps will be dynamic, living documents as we will ask users of the site to send us information so that we can make our information as comprehensive as possible. Our website will also contain all project publications, including the most comprehensive annotated bibliography of research on Latino issues yet compiled. We will provide information about upcoming conferences and events around the country that might be of interest to individuals and organizations working on Latino-related law and policy issues as well. In addition, videos of our regional roundtables will be available for streaming.

Contact: Robert Nelson ( or Matilda Stubbs (

Summaries and findings

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