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On August 9, the American Bar Endowment (ABE), our primary supporter since 1956, presented the ABF with a generous donation of $2.9 million. The ABE is a charitable organization that provides opportunities for all ABA Members to get quality, affordable insurance, through trusted insurers, while giving back to the good works of the legal profession. Learn more>>

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Research Group on Legal Diversity Publishes Broadest Study of Diversity in Professional Careers to Date Aug 18, 2016

Chicago, IL - In a new book published by Cambridge University Press, four American Bar Foundation (ABF) scholars reveal the reality of diversity practices in contemporary law firms, corporations, and… more

Founder and CEO of the World Justice Project; Noted California Jurist to speak at Fellows Events Jul 28, 2016

William Neukom and Tino Cuéllar will keynote Fellows Events at ABA Annual William H. Neukom Photo courtesy of the World Justice Project Chicago, IL - The Fellows of the American Bar… more

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