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From left to right: Ayobami Laniyonu, Emma Shakeshaft, Jeffrey Omari, and David McElhattan.


Four emerging scholars are beginning their time at the American Bar Foundation, where they will pursue socio-legal research projects in residence. The 2016-18 LSS Fellows are Ayobami Laniyonu and Jeffrey Omari. The 2016-17 ABF Doctoral Fellow is Emma Shakeshaft and the 2016-17 ABF/Northwestern Doctoral Fellow is  David McElhattanRead our welcome announcement here. Learn more about our new doctoral fellows here.

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Research Group on Legal Diversity Publishes Broadest Study of Diversity in Professional Careers to Date Aug 18, 2016

Chicago, IL - In a new book published by Cambridge University Press, four American Bar Foundation (ABF) scholars reveal the reality of diversity practices in contemporary law firms, corporations, and… more

Spring 2016 Newsletter Jul 29, 2016

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Call for Visiting Scholars for the 2016-17 academic year

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