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Janice Nadler

Janice Nadler headshot

Research Professor

Joint appointment

Stanford Clinton Research Professor, Northwestern University School of Law


Ph.D., Social Psychology, University of Illinois; J.D., University of California, Berkeley

Curriculum vitae


Janice Nadler is Research Professor at the American Bar Foundation, and Professor of Law at Northwestern University School of Law. She received a J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley,…

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Research focus

Social psychology and law, with focuses on compliance with the law; the psychology of property; perceptions of responsibility and fairness; and negotiation and conflict


Moral Judgment and the Psychology of Legal Blame
Latest finding: Jun 7, 2011
In this project, I propose to conduct a series of experiments to map the contours ofpsychological blame, as it is influenced by the wrongdoer’s motive, the wrongdoer’s character, and…
Expressive Law
Latest finding: Jan 23, 2008, with Richard McAdams
This project seeks to understand empirically the effects that law has apart from sanctions that it imposes. It tests experimentally the theory that law influences behavior in coordination games with…
Condemn-Nation: The Social Psychological Foundations of the Kelo Backlash
Latest finding: Jan 23, 2008, with Shari Seidman Diamond
This project seeks to understand and explain the extreme public reaction to the Kelo case, in which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that governments are permitted to force the sale of private property…

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The Path of Motivated Blame and the Complexities of Intent
Moral Character, Motive, and the Psychology of Blame
Cornell Law Review
Blaming As a Social Process: The Influence of Character and Moral Emotion on Blame
Law & Contemporary Problems

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Serving up a bailout, with a side of justice

Oct 8, 2008

Serving up a bailout, with a side of justice Chicago Tribune, October 3, 2008 By Kenworthey Bilz and Janice NadlerJust after Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's original proposal was made public, an…

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The Role of Character in Legal Blame and Punishment
Oct 2014
Moral Character, Mental State, and Blame
Oct 2013
Moral Character, Mental State, and Blame
Oct 2013

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Professional Service & Recognition

  • Co-Editor, Analyzing Law's Reach: Empirical Research on Law and Society (ABA Publishing, forthcoming,)
  • Member, Executive Board, Dispute Resolution Research Center, Northwestern University