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Transnational Legal Orders

  • Publication: Cambridge University Press
  • Research area: Law & Globalization

3/2016, Terence Halliday, Cambridge University Press

Cover of Transnational Legal Orders

Transnational Legal Orders

Part of Cambridge Studies in Law and Society

This book offers a path-breaking, empirically grounded theory that reframes the study of law and society. It shifts research from a predominantly national context to one that places transnational, national, and local lawmaking and practice within a single, coherent, analytic frame. By presenting and elaborating a new concept, transnational legal orders, Halliday and Shaffer present an original approach to legal orders that affect fundamental economic and social behaviors. The contributors generate arrays of hypotheses about how transnational legal orders rise and fall, where they compete and cooperate, and how they settle and unsettle. This original theory is applied and developed by distinguished scholars from North America, Europe, and Asia in business law (taxation, corporate bankruptcy, secured transactions, transport of goods by sea), regulatory law (monetary and trade, finance, food safety, climate change), and human rights law (civil and political rights, rule of law, right to health/access to medicines, human trafficking, criminal accountability of political leaders).

  • Develops a unique theory to show that transnational legal orders cover all regions and countries of the world.
  • Provides a new way of thinking about the forces that create transnational legal orders that are created beyond the state, and how their often invisible rise and fall demands close scrutiny using the toolkit of concepts and methods provided in this book.

Contributors include Terence Halliday, Gregory Shaffer, Susan Block-Lieb, Roderick Macdonald, Philip Genschel, Thomas Rixen, Michael Waibel, Eric Helleiner, Tim Büthe, Daniel Bodansky, Laurence Helfer, Jothie Rajah, Sally Merry, Paulette Lloyd, Beth Simmons, and Leigh Payne.

Available for purchase on the Cambridge University Press website and on Amazon.

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