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Law & Social Inquiry

The ABF sponsors Law & Social Inquiry, a quarterly, peer-reviewed scholarly journal of international standing that is published by Wiley-Blackwell. Christopher Schmidt is the current Editor of the journal and Howard S. Erlanger is the Review Section Editor. Contributors to the journal include legal academics and social scientists from around the world.  LSI contributors examine pressing sociolegal issues across multiple disciplines, including anthropology, criminology, economics, history, law, philosophy, political science, sociology and social psychology.  Law & Social Inquiry's content is diverse and wide-ranging and includes contributions from renowned scholars, including Bryant Garth and Yves Dezalay. Past LSI articles have been awarded several distinctions, such as the 2011 Law & Society Article Prize, and have earned the journal an impressive impact factor from the Journal Citation Report (JCR). 

In addition to its high quality of original research, LSI is widely known for its review essays. Review essays are article-length treatments of a book or group of books in which contributing scholars situate them within their greater intellectual context and engage with relevant discourse, focusing on the bigger questions the books evoke.  These essays compromise a review symposium.  LSI also features symposia-- a series of manuscripts centered on a specific socio-legal theme--outside of the review section (see Symposium Guidelines). 

Wiley-Blackwell provides  an author feature and reader service called Early View. With Early View, manuscripts will be published online well in advance of their print release, and readers will be able to view and download the material.  To access Early View content, please visit our site at the Wiley Online Library.  

For more information on Law & Social Inquiry's scope, manuscript submission and review policies, and style guide, please visit our Scope & Submission Details page. 

For additional information on Law and Social Inquiry subscription rates and journal information, visit our site at  Wiley-Blackwell Publishing. 

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