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Affiliated Research Professors

Affiliated Research Professors are listed alphabetically by last name.

  • Ian Ayres headshot

    Ian Ayres

    Affiliated Research Professor

    Focus: Antitrust, civil rights, commercial law, contracts, corporations, corporate finance, intellectual property, law and economics, empirical law and economics, property

  • John Donohue III headshot

    John Donohue III

    Affiliated Research Professor

    Focus: Criminal Law, drug policy, employment discrimination, law & economics, policing & gun policy, public policy & empirical studies, punishment & death penalty, race & the criminal…

  • Bryant G. Garth headshot

    Bryant G. Garth

    ABF Director Emeritus and Affiliated Research Professor

    Focus: The legal profession, dispute resolution, and internationalization. The topics intersect around the question of how internationalization—seen as the import and export of ideas, technologies,…

  • Austan D. Goolsbee headshot

    Austan D. Goolsbee

    Affiliated Research Professor

    Focus: The Internet; the new economy; government policy; taxes.

  • Bonnie Honig headshot

    Bonnie Honig

    Affiliated Research Professor

    Focus: Normative political theory, contemporary democratic theory with particular attention to the area of law and politics. Research addresses how constitutions, legal norms, the centrality of rights, and…

  • Steven D. Levitt headshot

    Steven D. Levitt

    Affiliated Research Professor

    Focus: Crime, the criminal justice system, and corruption, and a wide variety of issues related to racial disparity and education.

  • Tracey Meares headshot

    Tracey Meares

    Affiliated Research Professor

    Focus: Policing in urban communities, understanding how members of the public think about their relationship(s) with legal authorities such as police, prosecutors, and judges

  • William J. Novak headshot

    William J. Novak

    Affiliated Research Professor

    Focus: Interdisciplinary perspectives on law, legal history and law and the humanities, legal theory and philosophy, public law and regulatory policy

  • Dylan C. Penningroth headshot

    Dylan C. Penningroth

    Affiliated Research Professor

    Focus: African American history, comparative histories of slavery and emancipation, and socio-legal history, with a particular focus on family relations, the rise of the independent black church, migration,…

  • Victoria Saker Woeste headshot

    Victoria Saker Woeste

    Affiliated Research Professor

    Focus: Research has examined how law mediates and shapes the relationships among the state, the market, and society in U.S. history, as well as uncovered institutional and organizational responses to legal…

  • Robert J. Sampson headshot

    Robert J. Sampson

    Affiliated Research Professor

    Focus: Crime, disorder, the life course, neighborhood effects, civic engagement, urban inequality, "ecometrics," and the social structure of the city.

  • Peter Siegelman headshot

    Peter Siegelman

    Affiliated Research Professor

    Focus: Employment discrimination, contracts, insurance law and economics, empirical law and economics

  • Christopher L. Tomlins headshot

    Christopher L. Tomlins

    Affiliated Research Professor

    Focus: My research has focused on topics in Anglo-American legal history across a broad front, from the “early modern” era (the beginning of the sixteenth century) into the later twentieth…

  • Tom Tyler headshot

    Tom Tyler

    Affiliated Research Professor

    Focus: Criminal justice reform, social science and institutional design, law and psychology

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