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Deisy Del Real

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ABF Researcher

Deisy Del Real is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Southern California and the delegate of the American Sociological Association to the International Sociological Association (2022-2026). Her comparative sociolegal research examines how immigration policies are negotiated and impact immigrants’ lives across the Western Hemisphere. Her award-winning research has received support from the National Science Foundation, the National Institute on Minority Health, the Russell Sage Foundation, and the PD Soros Foundation, among others, and has been featured in various news outlets.

Research Focus

Del Real will examine how different immigration policies and political contexts impact Venezuelan migrants’ legalization process and socioeconomic incorporation into the United States, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina. Approximately 7.7 million Venezuelans have been forced to migrate to escape widespread human rights violations, crime, hyperinflation, scarcity of food and essential goods, and a deteriorated healthcare system. The comparative study will situate the United States’ more hostile conditions within the more inclusionary contexts in South America.