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November 2016

The Midwest Roundtable was held at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law on June 6-7, 2016

As a part of this roundtable, three white papers were presented:

  1. Latinos/as in the Midwest: A Historical Overview, written by Professor Lilia Fernandez. This paper details the history of the Latinx population in the Midwest region.
  2. Latinos/as by the Numbers: Exploring Demographic Trends in Immigration, Economic Attainment, Economic Vitality, and Political Participation in the Midwest, 2006-2015, written by Pilar Hernández Escontrías and Simone Rivera. This paper explores the demographic profile of Latinx in the Midwest.
  3. Litigation and Advocacy Efforts that Impacted Midwest Latinos: Past Challenges and Future Possibilities, written by Ricardo Meza and Layla Suleiman González. This paper explore the Latinx lawyers and policy-makers of the 1970s and 1980s that began organizing for positive change and increased rights.