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The New Legal Realism: Volume 1: Translating Law-and-Society for Today’s Legal Practice

May 2016

This is the first of two volumes announcing the emergence of the new legal realism as a field of study. At a time when the legal academy is turning to social science for new approaches, these volumes chart a new course for interdisciplinary research by synthesizing law on the ground, empirical research, and theory. Volume 1 lays the groundwork for this novel and comprehensive approach with an innovative mix of theoretical, historical, pedagogical, and empirical perspectives. Their empirical work covers such wide-ranging topics as the financial crisis, intellectual property battles, the legal disenfranchisement of African-American landowners, and gender and racial prejudice on law school faculties. The methodological blueprint offered here will be essential for anyone interested in the future of law-and-society.

  • Demonstrates the importance of interdisciplinary translation between law and social sciences
  • Introduces readers to the scholarship of today’s leading new legal realists
  • Shows how new legal realism can provide a broader lens than the empirical legal studies movement

Volume I of The New Legal Realism is now available for purchase on Amazon and Cambridge University Press.

Please find the chapter abstracts here.

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