The Financing of Legal Education

The American Bar Association’s Task Force on Legal Education examined the student costs associated with legal education, specifically educational debt and financial aid and scholarships. As the task force’s consultant and reporter, Stephen Daniels has analyzed the existing data and collected additional materials on the changing dynamics of legal education. The project’s objective had three main components:

  1. Explore questions on patterns and changes surrounding the financing of legal education over time, including enrollment, applications, tuition, and employment outcomes for graduates.
  2. Gather student-level data from the annual LSSSE (Law School Survey of Student Engagement) surveys and other sources to explore patterns and changes related to students and their views on legal education, key services provided by schools, and information on students themselves.
  3. Gather information from law school websites and other sources to explore recent changes and innovations in response to the changing law school environment.

Research on this project has now concluded.