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Advancing Justice for All: The ABF/JPB Foundation Access to Justice Scholars Program

Spring 2021

Researching Law, Vol 32, No. 1

Every year, many Americans confront at least one civil justice problem. Affecting somewhere between half and two-thirds of the population, these problems often pertain to basic needs such as money, housing, health, and employment. When people are unable to resolve these justice problems effectively, the result can be devastating, leading to homelessness, poverty, job loss, and illness. Yet, most of these civil justice problems never make it to a court or receive attention from a legal professional.

In order to create and sustain impactful scholarship on access to civil justice, the ABF received a generous multi-year grant from The JPB Foundation to create the ABF/JPB Access to Justice Scholars Program. The Access to Justice Scholars Program will help build research infrastructure and attract the next generation of researchers in the field of anti-poverty and access to justice. This edition of Researching Law introduces the first cohort of Access to Justice Scholars.