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Episode 3: Yes, No, and #MeToo

June 2021

The issue of consent to sex has been making headlines in recent years. Whether it’s the #MeToo movement, discussions of rape culture, or simply more open discussions of sexual assault and violence, our evolving understanding of consent has recently been at the forefront of public debate. But how does the law define and regulate consent? How do institutions such as colleges and universities handle training around consent? And how do these institutions handle rape and sexual assault allegations?

In this episode, Matthew Martinez Hannon interviews ABF Research Professor Laura Beth Nielsen about her research studying consent to sex on college campuses. Then, Matthew speaks to UMass Law Professor and ABF Fellow Margaret Drew, who will discuss her focus on domestic violence as a practicing lawyer and in academia. Finally, Matthew will interview Kristina Fluty, Associate Professor at the Theater School at DePaul University, who also works as an Intimacy Director. All of the guests will touch upon how attitudes toward consent have evolved in recent years, how institutions create rules and handle training around consent, and how laws and regulations respond when consent is violated.


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Additional Resources:

· Know Your IX website: https://www.knowyourix.org/

· End Rape on Campus: https://endrapeoncampus.org/

· Planned Parenthood Consent and FRIES: https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/relationships/sexual-consent


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