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Suites, Streets, and States Conference and Symposium Celebrates the Research of John Hagan

June 9, 2021, ABF news

On May 31, 2021, the American Bar Foundation (ABF) hosted the Suites, Streets, and States Conference and Symposium Celebrating the Research of John Hagan. The ABF sponsored the event along with the Department of Sociology, Northwestern University, and the Global Justice Lab, University of Toronto. The plenary and all three sessions of the conference are available to view below. 


Swethaa Ballakrishnen
“Rethinking Inclusion: New Capitals, Extensions, and Directions in Legal Profession Research”

Traci Burch
“Effects of Police Violence on Voter Turnout”

Jens Meierhenrich
“Toward a Sociology of International Law: John Hagan and Beyond”

Interview of John Hagan—Ron Levi
Toast—Laura Beth Nielsen
Moderator—Robert Nelson

Session 1: Suites

Moderator—Shaun Ossei-Owusu

Fiona Kay
“Law Firm Culture and The Revolving Door for Women Lawyers”

Ronit Dinovitzer and Meghan Dawe
“Assaults on Worth and Professional Exit: Explaining Systemic Inequalities in the Legal Profession across Two National Contexts”

Heather Schoenfeld
“When the Suites take on Crime in the Streets: Corporate Foundations and Criminal Justice Reform”

Ron Gillis, John Hagan, Steven Cook, and Detelina Radoeva
“Institutionalizing Men, Women, and Mental Illness in la Belle Époque”

Session 2: Streets

Moderator—Robert J. Sampson

Angela Zorro-Medina
“Does Increasing Prosecutorial Power Lead to Higher Incarceration Rates? A Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of
the Latin American Criminal Procedural Revolution in Incarceration Rates”

Bill McCarthy and Jared Joseph
“‘Who are the Criminals?’ Two Decades of Profit Through California Asset Forfeiture”

Simon Singer
“The Power to Deny Adolescence: Juvenile Lifers as Criminally Responsible Adults”

Marina Zaloznaya and Alexandra Yakes
“Is White Collar Crime White? National Press Coverage of White-Collar Crime by African Americans, 1950-2010”

Session 3: States

Moderator—Marjorie Zatz

Wenona Rymond-Richmond
“Children of War Resisters: Intergenerational Transmission of Social and Political Activism”

Joachim Savelsberg and Brooke Chambers
“Darfur Model of Genocide and Judicial Representations”

Hollie Brehm, Evelyn Gertz, and Christopher Uggen
“Judging Genocide: Emotional Labor During Transitional Justice”

Aliza Luft
“Dehumanization as Cause, not Consequence, of Violence in Genocide”

Nachmann Ben-Yehuda
“Development of Atrocities in Submarine Warfare”

Organized by
Traci Burch, The American Bar Foundation and Northwestern University
Ron Levi, The University of Toronto
Robert Nelson, The American Bar Foundation and Northwestern University

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